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RL: Acura 2002 RL Alarm goes off randomly. Dealer couldnt

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Acura 2002 RL Alarm goes off randomly. Dealer couldn't make it happen, didn't charge me.
I have not been arming the alarm with fob. Tonite, I forgot and armed, 3 min later alarm went off, used the fob to disarm. 4 hrs later, it goes off again, I use fob and it goes off. 10 min later it goes off again-I use fob to disarm, 10 min later it goes off again-I use fob to disarm. Then I use key to unlock passenger door and leave unlocked/unarmed.

How can I disable the alarm, I can't keep worrying about it going off all the time!


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I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your security system. I assume it is is the factory system and not a after market system correct?


the most common issue with the alarm is one of the sensors is reading incorrectly that it is open when it is closed. the most common one is the hood latch switch which is located under the hood latch mechanism. The solution is to bypass the switch so the alarm will see it closed all the time. first you need to locate the switch which is mounted underneath the hood latch. then locate the electrical connector that is attached to it. disconnect the connector. you will need to make a jumper connection at the harness end of the connector. You can use a pice of wire, a paper clip etc but you will need to make sure it is a solid jump connection and that you use electrical tape to proctect your repair. Once you do that your alarm will be disarmed and will not go off.


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yes it is original factory sytstem


What would it cost to replace that sensor?


And if I don't use the fob to lock the car, will it be a non-issue? what it I only use the key for entry to the car?

to answer your questions, the cost would be replacing the hood latch assembly which costs about $70.00. but check with your local parts department to be sure of the correct price. Also make sure the switch comes on the new latch.


Not locking the car with the fob will leave the alarm off, but locking with the key still activates the alarm when you lock it from the driver's door. The only way to fully guarantee the alarm won't go off randomly is to replace the switch or bypass the switch

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK I found the connector, disconnected it, and do I to put the paperclip in the female or male end, then tape both ends up and NOT reconnect it?




ok you only need to put the paper clip on the female side of the connector ( the wiring harness end) tape it up with electrical tape and secure it to the metal bracket in front.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Will do, and not re-connect the two--which would be impossible physically then. I'll tape both the male and the paper-clip/female side seperately, then tape them both back to the bracket so they don't flap around


correct you won't be able to hook them back together. This bypass is done to trick the alarm into thinking that the hood latch is closed.
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