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TL type S: My 2003 TL-S a/c has stopped and Im getting condensation

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My 2003 TL-S a/c has stopped and I'm getting condensation under the dash just to the right of the center console. I replaced the a/c blower solenoid about 2 months ago when it wasn't working and everything was fine. But now if it does start working randomly, it cuts out shortly there after and won't kick on at all.
Hi Sir or Madam, welcome. I'm Steve. And I will be assisting you today. Check the connector at the blower motor and see if it is burnt or looks melted let me know what you find. Does the condenser fan and compressor run? As far as the water goes have you tried blowing air into the a/c drain to see if it is blocked?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Steve,
This is John. I am at work and will check the connection tonight. Anything special to get to the blower? Is locating the connector obvious?. The a/c system does seem to cycle on. Where can I find the a/c drain to check that?

no problem john .I'm on my way to work as well. so Ill check back later. the blower connector is under the glove box. I don't have a picture of the drain hose but it goes through the firewall on the lower passenger side of the engine compartment it is a black hose about 14mm in diameter. If the connector is melted here is a service bulletin for repairing it.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Steve, Well I could not get the connector on the blower motor to release. I depressed the tab and pulled on the connector to no avail. I did take a few pics, hoping you could tell its status. The yellow/black wire has some discoloration but the blue/red looked clean. The connector does not appear melted or discolored. I'm trying to attach a photo. Will send another response from my desktop versus my tablet.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Steve, here is the pic.



blower wire connector pic

Ok, then you need a blower motor and sub harness. I sent you a link to the service bulletin with the directions and part numbers. I would replace the transistor at the same time.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks Steve, is this an auto shop fix versus "do it yourselfer"? I've done the resistor before, but working with the wiring and connectors is not something I've done before.

I really appreciate your help on this!

To be honest these connectors are a pain to take apart and it is easy to damage the other wires in the connector.(not that it ever happened to me) so if you have never done these type of connectors a shop might be better.
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