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Jim, Honda Master Tech
Category: Acura
Satisfied Customers: 949
Experience:  18 yr honda tech, 30 yr expeience, 13 ase mastertech
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3.0CL: Hello,I have a 1997 Acura 3.0CL. Please help,my car

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Hello,I have a 1997 Acura 3.0CL. Please help,my car is at 226,000 and plus miles. It will star up at the beginning of the day just fine but if I try to start it again after I turn it off,it gives me problem. I have to hold the key down for a minute or two,then it starts back up. Also,when I come to a light or stop sign,it just dies on me.

Jim :

hi this is jim and welcome to just answer, i am here to try and help resolve your problem, code p1655 is for the communication circuit between the engine and trans computer, i will send you the flow chart to diagnose the problem, you will need a voltmeter to do the checks

Jim :

Attachment: acura1655.pdf

Full Size Image
here is the chart, any questions just ask


Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX check that out later after work and let you know if that works. Thanks again

Jim :

no problem keep me posted, thanks jim

Customer: Hello,Jim. What do I do if code 1491 comes up? I know it's the egr valve lift.
Jim :

yes p1491 is a cut an dry code, the valve is no good, what happened with the troubleshooting for the 1655

Customer: Thanks for getting back to me but I did the troubleshooting and I believe I need a new ECM but after I cleaned the ports in the Egr valve and around the manifold,it seems fine. I drove it today and the check engine light came back on.i took it down to have it plugged in and there was no 1655 code but the 1491 code appeared. I'm a bit confused on why the 1655 code didn't come up if I haven't replaced the ECM. I ordered one but it has not arrived.
Jim :

you may have had a poor connection at the ecm, by unplugging and plugging back in cleaned the connection, i would just watch it for now and see if it returns, it may or may not, you will have to replace the egr valve itself, the sensor on top of the valve is no good

Customer: Thank you so much,Jim. I will keep you updated once I replace the new one. Thanks again
Customer: Hi,Jim. What exactly is the name of the boot that is on the rack and pinion steering unit?
Jim :

inner tie rod dust boot

Customer: Thank you for all your wonderful help.
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