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MDX: Is there any work around to use the standard shocks on

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Is there any work around to use the standard shocks on a 2007 MDX fitted with the electronic sport shocks? Spending $4k on our old MDX with 120k miles is just not worth it. I understand the regular shocks will fit in the MDX but unless something is altered I will get constant warning will be shown on the display. Any reasonable cost solution to keep my old MDX running in decent shape.

yes, there is a workaround for when you install standard shocks to keep the warning light off.

At the shock is a 2 wire electrical connector. It needs to be disconnected and the resistance at the shock itself on the 2 teminals be measured with an ohmmeter. Then you go to a Radio Shack and but resistors of the same value(about 20 cents each). Now, you cut the connector on the harness side, install the resistors inline between the 2 wires. Do this at each shock.

This fools the control module into believing it is reading each shock and turns the light off
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Eric - are you guessing this is the case or are sure? I have seen other posts that say this method will not work due to the way the computer communicates with the shocks.


I have done mdx as well as others like this before without issue. It reads the resistance. If you remove the shock and there is no resistance to read, then the light will be on.
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