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acramstr, ASE Master Tech
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i have a 1999 acura. the check engine light , the srs light

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i have a 1999 acura. the check engine light , the srs light and the maintenance light is on. im not sure what all that means and as of yet i dont find a diagnostic connector under the dash to pull codes from. is there one and where is it at? also what does srs stand for?

Hi jeff, welcome. I'm Steve. And I will be assisting you today. You have 3 different things going on . first the maint light needs to be reset ( press set/ reset button) turn key on and hold. The data connector is under the ash tray in the console. The check engine and SRS ( air bag system) are checked with a scan tool . If you have the codes checked and post them back I can tell you what steps to take.


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I checked for codes and for the srs light it cam up with 15-03, but didnt tell me what that is. also on this the steering wheel assy, which is electric only works back and forth, it wont move up and down but when pushing the button i can here a motor working, will that have anything to do with the air bag system?

15-3 is for the OPDS unit in the passenger seat. We had a warranty extension on these but it is expired now. You will need to replace the OPDS unit in the passenger seat and reprogram it. If the battery has been dead or low sometimes it will set this code so try reprograming it first. This requires a scan tool with the factory programing . The steering wheel movement is broken gears in the column. This is common in these .Unfortunately you have to replace the whole column to repair this Acura does not sell parts for these. You can remove the motor from the column and manually turn the gear to a comfortable position and unplug the motor as a temp repair on this. If there is anything else I can help you with let me know.
acramstr and other Acura Specialists are ready to help you