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Steve, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Acura
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mdx: Good morning, i have an other issue with my mdx 02. when

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Good morning, i have an other issue with my mdx 02. when i drive it 50 to 75 mph it's shake specially when i hit the brake. please help me fix this problem. Anyone, thank you.

steve :

You might have 2 issues here. If it shakes without your foot off the brake the tires need balancing or you have a bad tire. The shaking when you touch the brakes is caused by warped rotors. You will need to have the rotors resurfaced. Acura does reccomend doing this with the rotors on the car. If you go have this done at a place other than the dealer be sure they resurface the brake rotors on the car.


Thank you so much, I'll try your advices.

steve :

Glad to help

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