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2004 acura mdx has raspy exhaust note on acceleration

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2004 acura mdx has raspy exhaust note on acceleration

does it sound like something is fluttering in the exhaust system?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Does fluttering=high pitched vibrating? Its kind of a metallic, raspy hissing. And it only happens on acceleration while driving....not while in park and revving the engine.


yes, it does. A few possible causes -

one is some of the welds on the inside of the muffler have broken and is allowing the baffles to vibrate

the next is the welds inside the exhaust pipe have broken. the long pipe between the converter and mufller is a double walled pipe. the inner pipe is connected to the outer wall pipe by welds. If they break, this can cause a vibration and noise.

Finally, one of the heatshields is loose from the chassis due to broken weld and is hitting the exhaust.

Any of these can happen and only make a noise under load (acceleration while in gear)

It is easier to check with vehicle on a lift, but if you can lift the passenger side with a couple of floor jacks you can crawl underneath to check for loose heatshields. For the pipe and muffler, bang on them with your fist to see if you hear a rattle. if you do, then it will need to be replaced - muffler or pipe depending on which rattles when hit with your fist
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