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Andrew, ASE Master Tech
Category: Acura
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Acura RSX Type-S: I have an Acura Rsx Type S and everything

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I have an Acura Rsx Type S and everything works electrically lights radio etc. My engine doesn't fire up, it just cranks. I recently changed the spark plugs, started working fine for about two weeks and the problem reoccurred. I checked the pressure on the fuel pump leading up to the injectors and it sprayed out gas so the pump seems fine. What do you think it is?

OnlineMasterTech :

Hello I will be glad to help you with your Acura questions today.

OnlineMasterTech :

Is the green key light in the gauge cluster flashing while cranking the engine?

Customer: Yes when I put in the key and turn it, it does flash.
OnlineMasterTech :

Ok that tells me that you have an immobilizer system that has failed.

OnlineMasterTech :

Do you have another key to try?

Customer: No I don't have another key. What does this mean?
OnlineMasterTech :

The immobilizer system is a theft deterrent that will prevent the car from starting when the wrong key is used.

OnlineMasterTech :

Each key has a code that the immobilizer control unit reads and then sends to the PCM. If the wrong key is inserted the PCM will allow the car to crank but not start.......this will also happen if the control unit has failed which is also fairly common.

Customer: What should I do next since I don't have another key?
OnlineMasterTech :

The best advice I can give is to have it towed to the dealer so they can hook up the proper scan tool to determine if the key or control unit is bad.

OnlineMasterTech :

The only other option would be to have a mobile locksmith come out and try to re-program the key to see if it will work. If it still does not work it likely will be the control unit that has failed.

OnlineMasterTech :

Any other questions for me today?

Customer: The key was a little damaged on the black part could that be a result of why this is happening?
OnlineMasterTech :

It is very possible.

Customer: Ok thank you
OnlineMasterTech :

If the chip inside the key get's any type of damage it can cause the code to not be read properly.

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