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Acura RSX: Can a car be too old to have transmission fluid

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Can a car be too old to have transmission fluid changed? I have an automatic 2004 acura rsx. It seems to jerk a bit when changing from first to second gear. It also "jumps" when placed in reverse and then drive. I don't know if its low on ATF, but can't easily check, because system is sealed. I might take it in to have fluid level checked and also transmission checked. Someone told me that changing the ATF on old cars does them more harm than good. Is that true? Any idea what might be the problem based on symptoms? Low fluid? Bad motor mounts? Bad tranny?

Hello and welcome to,


let me see if I can answer all your questions.


first, there is no susch thing as a car being too old to change the transmission fluid. The fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles regardless of the age of the car.


There is a dipstick to check the fluid level. it is located in the front, top of the transmission. I can try and send you a picture of the location. the fluid is checked with the vehicle on a level surface with the engine off. the fluid should be a reddish to reddish brown color and not have a burnt smell to it.


It is not true that changing the fluid on old cars does more harm than good. the only time it could possibly an issue is if it has been a long time since it has been changed. this may cause some issues but chances are the transmission was faulty anyway.


bad or very weak motors mounts can cause a jerking or banging when shifting into gears. if after checking the mounts and replacing if necessary and changing the fluid you still have issues , only then should you condemn the transmission,

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I looked for the dipstick, and couldn't find it. I really think this car doesnt have one. As far as taking my car in, I was thinking of taking it to AAMCO. They do a multi-point inspection. I was wondering if that would find any potential problems with tranny. Or would it be nessessary for them to actually drive the car to get a complete diagnosis? Or can they actually determine all potential problems without driving it? Or do they drive it?

believe me there is a dipstick here is a picture of the location



if you are having a transmission related issue I would hope they would at least drive the vehicle first before giving you a diagnosis.