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MASTER TECH, Acura Technician
Category: Acura
Satisfied Customers: 5754
Experience:  27 years of Honda training and a master Acura tech
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CL: have a 1999 Acura CL with the 3.0 Automatic Trans. It randomly

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have a 1999 Acura CL with the 3.0 Automatic Trans. It randomly doesn't shift out of 3rd, the OBD Code is 0715 and the 4th gear light blinks. Changed the fluid and a speed sensor. Any ideas? More than one speed sensor?

MASTER TECH : Hello welcome to just answer I am master tech and will be able to assist you today.
MASTER TECH : this is a normal fault when the transmission is starting to fail. The valve body is stuck and not permitting it to shift.


MASTER TECH : I just did one for the same thing. The fix was rebuilding the transmission.

Any chance that changing the fluid will help?

MASTER TECH : Unfortunally no. This is a mechanical failure
MASTER TECH : i wish I had better news but the fact is a rebuild is needed.

Is rebuilding the trans a diy job? I have done many engines in cars trucks and boats and motorcycles.

MASTER TECH : Do not start replacing solenoids and this is not going to fix anything. We see this all the time at my dealer
MASTER TECH : No I would not recommend this at all. These transmissions are not a DIY Job their is countless tools and steps that are critical and this comes with experience. Intact some transmission shops will not rebuild these with out a few comebacks and them rebuilding them again because of items not looked at or info as to there status.

Ok, thanks for the help. Of course, not what I wanted to hear. One more question. What are your thoughts about putting a used tranny in?

MASTER TECH : It's a gamble. You may get one that's in good shape or a worse one then you got. But if you figure in labor and time it's not worth the risk. But this is me thinking out loud
MASTER TECH : The salvage yards do offer a warranty but not for the labor only the part

How hard is the swap?

MASTER TECH : Well I have over 26 years of exp so I do these in about 3 hours or less. The average person with no expert might be a all day job or more. Lots of self taught tricks and steps
MASTER TECH : But if you have the patients and tools needed to complete this then you should be able to handle it. But I have no idea on your skill level or experience.

Ok thanks.

MASTER TECH : Does that make sense ?

Yes. I am sure that I can do the swap, just don't know if I want to spend the time.

MASTER TECH : I don't want to discourage you but just giving you the real facts. It would be wrong of me to tell you yes it's a walk in the park and you find out your in over your head with a car half torn apart.
MASTER TECH : Yes that's the big part. Even at home I spend about 4 hours or less in my garage. This is on the floor so not fun at all

Ok thanks for the input. I will weigh my options and see what the weekend brings! Would rather be fishing haha.

MASTER TECH : I agree. Have I answered your question to your satisfaction today. I know it's not the one you wanted
MASTER TECH : I strive for all high marks on my rating so I do my best to earn this Mel from you.

You have and yes, not the answer I wanted. But I guess you satisfied my original question. I will give you high marks.

MASTER TECH : Thank you very much. I will be signing off then. Have a nice time on the lake fishing.

Thanks signing off

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