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Acura TL Type-S 3.2: the maintenance light on my 2000 acura

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the maintenance light on my 2000 acura tl 3.2 is on and im not sure what type of maintenance is required. My mechanic said my engine oil is still good, i changed the air filter, and spark plugs what could the issue be?

Hello welcome to just answer I am master tech and will be able to assist you today.

the maintenance light works off the odometer and the last place or person that did the oil change did not reset the light.

if you push and hold the select and reset buttons at the same time then turn the key on off and on and then hold for about 15-20 seconds and the light will reset

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok thanks i will reset the light but could the transmission oil be the issue? ive NEVER changed it

the light will just indicate the need for service .

this is up to the owner to follow the maintenance schedule to keep the car current.

the fluid is due for service at 105k but if this was my car I would be changing it every 30K

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