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3.2 TL: Hi, I just purchased a 1999 3.2 TL. 167000 kms. I

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Hi, I just purchased a 1999 3.2 TL. 167000 kms. I had it checked by my mechanic. He checked everything and all it required was new Rear Stabilizer Arm and oil change. Mech said the Tranny is good also. The car is runs great as it was one owner male 70 years old and no accidents as well as had garage. I only experience a couple of small things that are not normal to me.

1) the car has a very slight tapping sound while accelerating but not during higher RPM. The tapping is also slightly felt while foot is on the pedal. I've been researching everyday and all I found related was this post about the Valves I'm worried it will get worse.

2) the speedometer needle has a delay moving from start or 0 km/hr. Car is in motion and needle delays from 0-30. again not normal to me.

3) last, there is also a very very slight rattling sound that comes from underneath the car after a short distance as the car warms up.

I'm going to replace the Timing Belt and Water Pump very soon and maybe a tune up if needs one since I don't think it was done by the previous owner. Pls advise on what to do and what could be causing these as I've been fooled by mechanics before. I will also have the valves checked. I also wanted to get the Transmission oils changed but I know to get Honda/Acura Fluid, should I ?

Hello and welcome to,


you have a little reason to worry about the transmission. Your model has had issues in the past with the transmissions. I f the man who sold you the car kept up with his regular services and you are not experiencing any issues you are probably ok.


based on the mileage if you are near 105,000 miles then i would strongly suggest the timing belt, water pump, drive belts and spark plugs . Also a valve adjusted is recommended. Some valve noise is absolutely normal so if they are real loud then i would be concerned.


having the transmission fluid changed would be a good idea also as long as it was not replaced at 90.000 miles.


the speedometer sounds like there might be an issue, but usually this sort of issue is accompanied with a check engine light. you will need a competent technician to check into the issue further. could be either a mechanical or electrical issue in this instance.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you very much this helps a lot. i dont have much info on the service history of the car. but I will look into the transmission matter. How much would the rest cost me to fix approx. how can I tell if the transmission fluid was changed? He did say there was a small computer problem, that could be the speedometer issue. Hope it could be fixed.

the timing belt, replacing the spark plugs and adjusting the valves should run you approximately $1200-1500.


if the trans fluid is red and not dark brown or smells, then chances are its been changed.

A small computer problem? Hopefully you can get more information about that situation

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