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TL: My Acura TL started making a scraping sound this morning

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My Acura TL started making a scraping sound this morning when I press the brakes. My understanding is that brakes are designed to make a noise when they need to be replaced, so I'm not panicking.

Question 1: Is my understanding correct?
Question 2: Is it safe for me to drive the car for the next few days before I take it to be fixed?

Hello I will help you with your question,

Yes the pads have a "noisemaker" attached that should contact the brake rotor before the friction material is completely worn out.

You can drive it safely but get the brakes inspected as soon as possible.

Please let me know how I can help you with this

Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So there's no reason to think that this could be something else that would be an immediate safety issue?

As long as you are only hearing it when you apply the brakes and it is a light scraping it should be the warning that the pads are low. If it is a heavy grinding or happens without applying the brakes then there is reason to be concerned.

Please let me know how I can help

Thank you

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