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Acura mdx: hard shift..check engine came on and the d5 was flashing

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Acura mdx 3.5vtec engine with 116k miles. Recently started to do a hard shift when excelerating from a stop. Today the check engine came on and the D5 was flashing. The codes are p1740 and p1750. Any ideas? Could it be my transmission. Is this covered under warrenty, i know acura extended due to trany issu. Other questions: 1) Is this transmission fried--should I just start looking at a rebuild/replacement? (2) If yes, should I rebuild this transmission or just replace it. (3) Should I get work done at the Acura dealer or one of the local transmission shop? (4) Anything else I should ask or know or you recommend for this problem? thanks!

slonneman95 :

Hello I will be glad to help you with your Acura questions today.

slonneman95 :

Ok to start code p1740 is for a 4th clutch pressure switch failure. Normally I would say that you can replace the switch to correct this issue but with code P1750 being stored I don't think that will help.

slonneman95 :

P1750 is a Mechanical Problem in Hydraulic Control System of A/T Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid Valve Assemblies A and B, or Problem in Hydraulic Control System. This is usually due to an internal failure of the transmission that is obstructing the hydraulic flow through the valve body.

slonneman95 :

In short I would recommend replacing the transmission unless you can find a good reputable shop to re-build the transmission. These transmissions are very complex and have to be treated differently than most when doing a re-build. If the person that is re-building is not familiar with the product or uses the incorrect parts it can lead to another failure in the future.

slonneman95 :

I would also recommend having the work done at your local Acura dealer. The reason I say this is because they are very familiar with the vehicle and know what can and can't be done. They may even be able to re-build the transmission if they have a qualified person available.....this is the only route I would take for a re-build.

slonneman95 :

Also if you were to purchase a reman trans from Acura/Honda it would come with a 3/36K mile warranty which is covered at any Acura dealer in the country. The warranty on the existing transmissions is out now so I do not think you will be able to get any help on the repair, but you can always express your concern over this to the dealer and see if they can get some help for you.

slonneman95 :

Hope this answers your question and if you need anymore info please just let me know. Please remember to hit accept and leave positive feedback. Thank You for letting me assist you today!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Great info and thanks, XXXXX XXXXX much will this cost?. Would I save money going to Honda versus Acura? If I purchased the reman transmission and install with someone else would warranty still be in place. I'm trying to figure out what route is right. Is there a cost difference between just rebuilding versus installing a reman transmission.

So I'm not sticker shocked and what I want to get done

I'm trying to figure out the cost on getting this done.

To have an Acura reman transmission installed you will be looking in the $4000 range. To get the 3 yr 36K mile warranty that is where you will have to purchase and install the transmission. You can have one re-built for around $ need to make sure it is re-built by a reputable shop or you will have problems in the future. You can also purchase a low mileage used transmission from various websites. I will link you to one that I have used in the past that we have good luck from. Here is the link:


You can also purchase a good reman from H and A transmission which is located in California. They provide very high quality transmissions but are almost as expensive as one from the dealer. Here is the link to their site.


Hope this helps you make your decision. Let me know if you have anymore questions and I will be glad to help. Please remember to leave positive feedback after the accept.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok final questions, how long a job to install a new transmission? Is it the same time for a rebuilt? Is the 4k and 2-2.5k price including labor?.
Yes those would include labor. The labor for a reman install will be around 8 to 9 hours and for a re-build around 14 hours. Those prices should get you close with parts and labor.
Andrew and 3 other Acura Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
HI I just brought my car in and they are saying it's going to cost $7043 for a new transmission. I was more then willing to pay up to $5K but at $7000 that is way more then what I expected. What am i missing in the price difference. They advise transmission ($3034)and that I need a new computer ($1140). Labour is at $2127.
Do you konw why there is such a price difference?

I didn't figure in the computer and the labor is very high. Our dealer would be around $1000 lower on the labor so between those two that is where the difference is. If the MDX computer is being replaced to change the shift points you should be able to pick one up from EBAY or from a salvage yard as long as the part #'s match up. From my experience with the Odyssey van the computer was recommended but not a "Have To" install item........meaning you can get by without installing the computer. That is for the Ody and the MDX may be different but I would not think that you have to install the computer. If this was quoted at an Acura dealer I would check with some Honda dealers in your area to see if they can beat that price. I know we have installed some transmissions in the MDX since it is close to the Pilot. Let me know what you find out.