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1994 Legend: valve job, water pump..leaked..mechanic says..cylinder

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I have a 1994 Legend. It recently had a valve job, water pump, and cam belt done as part of a blown head gasket repair, It has leaked oil ever since I got it back. The mechanic says it has a warped block and the oil is coming from between the head and block close to the middle cylinder on both sides. I looked at the factiry manual and photos of head gaskets and I do not see any oil passages in the area. The only oil passages I noted were what are refereed to as head orfices in the upper back corner of the block. I think it is more likely to be cam covers. Your Thoughts?
Hi Sir or Madam, welcome to Just Answer. I'm acuramstr. It could be the cam covers .These dont usually leak from the block.I have never seen a warped block leak oil on one of these. Look along the seam between the head and block under the exhaust manifolds and make sure you see gasket all the way down. These gaskets can be put on upside down and switched left to right. So it is remotely possible he put the gaskets on the wrong sides or maybe scratched them (they are graphite) they are very fragile.
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Here is the location of the oil passages in the block.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX that drawing in the factory manual but wanted to confirm with someone with hands on experience.

I just pressure washed the engine to get rid of any old oil and dirt. I took a bright light and extendable mirror to inspect the block to head joint to see if I could see the head gasket along the entire length as you suggested, but could only see portions of the joint. The exhaust maniformd and heat sheild block the view in the center of the block. I could see the entire lower edge of the cam cover gasket.

I didn't tell you that when I got the car back after the head gasket was replaced that the oil was overfilled appx a quart. It leaked oil as soon as I got it back (6 to 8 inch puddles.) After the shop drained it to correct level the leaked seemed to slow down leaving smaller and smaller puddles. I am wondering if it leaked becuase it was overfilled and after it was drained I just was seeing residual oil leaking off the block. Now that it is clean, I'll keep a close watch on the possible areas that might leak.

Can I ask you about inconsistant and rough Idle? The ngine would also stall when you put it in drive if you started the car after sitting for 20 or 30 minutes. I complained about this, but I suspect the shop just adjusted the idle speed up. It is faster (1,000 to 1,100 rpm warm) and doesn't stall, but is still rough.
2 things, make sure you are using premium with no more than 10% alcohol. and make sure the plugs are factory . The oxygen sensors are prone to getting slow and drop out of open loop on these and cause rough idle and stalling. So any extra fuel (misfire)or poor quality fuel makes these run bad at hot idle. This has always been an issue with this engine. As far as the oil leak usually overfilling on these wont cause them to leak .But keep an eye on it and see where it is coming from.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX always run premium. Again, as with the other problems, the idle was perfect and smooth hot or cold before the head gasket work.
Give it a couple hard runs down the freeway. The O2 sensors get coolant and oil on them when you remove the heads and you need to burn them off a bit . Usually this will fix them. also ask them if they used NGK or Denso plugs . anything else doesn't seem to work in these.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok, I cleaned the engine and drove it some and then jacked it up. I can't see much of the cylinder head to block joint, but I can see fresh oil on the block near the budge in the block for cylinder #2 (second back on drivers side).

Most important I see part of the gasket overhanging the block. It is behind the bulge and judging from drawings in the factory manual, it looks like the buldge is right behind the second head bolt hole on the exhaust side of the block.

I would think the gasket should follow the contour of the top of the block and that the mechanic intstalled the gasket upside down or backwards or swapped left for right.

Am I corect that the edge of the gasket should follow the edge of the block and none should overhang the block?
yes it should. It should not stick out more than 2 mm at any one point.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Not only does it stick out at least 1/4", but there is a section of a hole visable in the protruding part of the gasket like for a water passage.

I removed the drivers side ehaust manifold heat sheild and there is not a drop of oil leaking from the valve/cam cover and the top of the manifold is completely clean.

So I am think the headgasket is not correctly oriented, although I am confused why it would leak oil there instead of near the upper back corner of the block near the oil orfices.
The hole is one of the oil return holes in the head . That is why it takes a while to leak after you clean it.The gasket is positioned wrong.
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