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Acura TL: Acura TL 2006, 3.2 autmatic transmission Problem.

Resolved Question:

Acura TL 2006, 3.2 autmatic transmission Problem. Started last monday my engine light came up. On for a the entire week. I continued commute of about 100 miles a day no prblem with transmission or engine. assumed this could be oxygen sensor or something...Until yestrday morning on my way to Acura dealership started giving me with auckward shifting, and completely disengaged 3 times on my way to their, funny the engine light was off the whole time on saturday. I re-started the car , and was able to shift and get it going for 20 miles. It took for ever at teh dealership to diagnose it , but they came back with error code " P0741". They claim they got errors on one of the two soleniod and that is not a probelm. They claim they switched one of them with a good one and still could not get the transmission to work so they say it the bad transmission to replace ir, or take to another shop to repair!

I went back to the car twice and was able still move the car for several miles, in fact I was able to get it 10 miles towards my home, but got stuck on teh free way. re-starting the neengine never worked again! I had to tow it to my home.

I am not convinced by driving the car withouth any warning could be mechanical failures. I have not faith in teh dealership for huge dealys and doing a poor diagnostics. what do I do now?

How can be sure if this is not soleniod probelm?

I suspected there must be
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Acura
Expert:  Eric replied 5 years ago.

If they swapped out the TCC solenoid and still getting the fault code and same symptoms, this does in fact INDICATE an internal failure of the transmission.

As you dont believe they did this, then your option is to have another shop do this in your presence to confirm and if still the same problems, then either drive the car until it no longer goes into any gear, replace the transmission or trade in vehicle.

you can also confirm the transmission failure by draining the transmission fluid and pouring it through a strainer. if debris or metal shavings in it, replace the transmission.

Unfortunately your options are limited on this particular problem.

I understand that this is not something you want to hear, but it is most likely that you need a new transmission.

Here is ACURA diagnostic procedure for this code.

2006 TL - DTC Troubleshooting: P0741 (40-3)

DTC P0741: Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Stuck OFF

2006 Model

NOTE: Record all freeze data and review General Troubleshooting Information before you troubleshoot.

  1. Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature (the radiator fan comes on).

  2. Make sure that the transmission is filled to the proper level, and check for fluid leaks.

  3. Drain the ATF through a strainer. Inspect the strainer for metal debris or excessive clutch material.

  4. Does the strainer have metal debris or excessive clutch material?
    YES -

    Replace the transmission.■

    NO -

    Replace the ATF, then go to step 4.

  1. Clear the DTC with the HDS.

  2. Choose Lockup Solenoid Test in Miscellaneous Test Menu, and check that the torque converter clutch solenoid valve operates with the HDS.

  3. Is a clicking sound heard?
    YES -

    Go to step 6.

    NO -

    Replace the torque converter clutch solenoid valve, then go to step 10.

  1. Choose Clutch Pressure Control (Linear) Solenoid C in Miscellaneous Test Menu, and test A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valve C with the HDS.

  2. Is the system OK?
    YES -

    Go to step 7.

    NO -

    Follow the instructions indicated by the HDS tester result. Go to step 10 if any part was replaced.

  1. Run the engine until the engine coolant temperature reaches 176 ºF (80 ºC).

  2. Test-drive the vehicle at 55 mph (88 km/h) for 2 minutes while monitoring the vehicle speed with the HDS.

  3. Monitor the OBD status for P0741 with the DTC Monitor Tool in DTCs/Freeze Data in A/T Mode Menu for a pass/fail.

  4. Does the result indicate FAILED?
    YES -

    Repair the faulty torque converter clutch mechanism, torque converter clutch hydraulic circuit, or lock-up control valve, or replace the transmission.■

    NO -

    If the tester indicates PASSED, intermittent failure, the system is OK at this time. If the tester indicates NOT COMPLETED, return to step 8 and recheck.■

  1. Clear the DTC with the HDS.

  2. Test-drive the vehicle for several minutes under the same conditions as those indicated by the freeze data.

  3. Monitor the OBD status for P0741 with the DTC Monitor Tool in DTCs/Freeze Data in A/T Mode Menu for pass/fail.

  4. Does the result indicate PASSED?
    YES -

    Troubleshooting is complete.■

    NO -

    Return to step 5 and recheck.

Eric and 2 other Acura Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

in your opinion, if this is indeed mechanical probelm, why there would not be any warning such as harsh shifting ideling of transmission during some 500 miles since I had engine light came up?


Do you think it is possible to just replace teh torque convertor of the transmission, or there has to be entirely replaced?


Expert:  Eric replied 5 years ago.

what happens in case of mechanical failure causing the code, there is usually no forewarning, just suddenly losing a gear, or suddenly not shifting or slipping, or harsh/delayed shifting. There is normally no gradual loss of transmission.

In my experience on the TLs and Accords(same transmission), replacing just the torque converter is a waste of customer's time and money as it doesnt fix the problem and then I am charging the customer again to drop the transmission in order to replace it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

1-Is the error code not related to th cluch part or torque convertor? then why replacing the rest?


2- do you receommend re-building of the transmission using the kits? is re-building has to be done by a shop that is specialized in acura or anyone deadling with Honda, Camry, etc...


3- what do you think is the best: Rebuild the transmission, or replace with another used say 70,000 miles one. The seem to have both one year or 12,000 warrante?


4-I was checking the link you sent me (directfix). they do not work! seems like only you have access

Expert:  Eric replied 5 years ago.

typically what happens is that as the bands and clutches inside the transmission wear, the debris from this gets into the torque converter, valve body and front pump and clogs them up. When this happens, because of the internal wear and damage to above mentioned parts, the only solution is to replace the transmission and torque converter. This is actually less expensive than rebuilding it completely due to huge labor time for rebuilding.

the best solution is to replace with a remanufactured unit.

correct on the link. I have to pay almost $2000 per year for access to identifix, which is part of running any repair shop.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Do you have any recomendation on the best local shop in orange county for acura transmission repairs, diagnostics?

Expert:  Eric replied 5 years ago.

Sorry, I live in South Dakota, so I am not familiar with shops in Orange Co, Ca., NY, or Fl. (the states with Orange county I know of).

your best bet is to find an independent shop that specializes in Hondas and Acuras.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Please also send me some diagram, or simple instruction as to how I can drain my transmission fluid and check for debris.

Expert:  Eric replied 5 years ago.

here are directions. the drain plug is on left side of the transmission. the fill plug is on top of transmission in engine compartment underneath area of air intake tube that runs from air cleaner to throttle bodyL

Use a clean pan to catch fluid in, and then strain it through old pantyhose to catch any debris to inspect
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Last 3 questions, promised.


1- would you think this is something the dealership could easily done, by just draining and inspecting for the debris?


2- Do you personaly work for Acura, or have your own indepdentan shop


3- for 2006 Tl, with 138,000 mile only, do you think a serious transmission mechnical failure is probable or selniods, etc..?


Thank you!

Expert:  Eric replied 5 years ago.

sorry, had internet issues.

yes, this is something they could have and should have done, although you would have been charged for it.

used to work for Acura/honda years ago, but now independent

I have seen the TLs have transmission failure at 90,000 miles, so at 138,000 miles, it doesnt surprise me that yours is failing. odds are high that this is transmission failure