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Category: Acura
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Acura MDX: how do i replace driver side door handle?

Resolved Question:

how do i replace driver side door handle?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Acura
Expert:  HONDASERVICE7791 replied 5 years ago.


good morning, are you trying to replace the inner or outer door handle?







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2003 Acura Truck MDX V6-3471cc 3.5L

Vehicle Level Body and Frame Doors, Hood and Trunk Front Door Exterior Handle Service and Repair

Service and Repair

Front Door Outer Handle Replacement

NOTE: Put on gloves to protect your hands.

  1. Raise the glass fully.

  2. Remove these items:

    • Mirror mount cover

    • Door panel

    • Plastic cover, as necessary



  1. Remove the bolt, then remove the center lower channel (A) with the center lower glass run channel (B) by pulling it downward.



  1. Remove the screw and detach the hooks (A), then remove the lock rod protector (B).



  1. Disconnect the cylinder rod (A). Release the retainer clip (B) with a hooked-shaped tool (C), then remove the lock cylinder (D).

  2. Replace the bushing (E) with a new one on the lock cylinder. NOTE: Do not reuse the bushing when disconnect the lock cylinder rod.



  1. Remove the screw, then separate the lock cylinder (A) and cylinder switch (B).



  1. Disconnect the cylinder switch connector (A), and detach the harness clips (B), and release the cylinder switch harness (C) from the harness clip (D).



  1. Pry the outer handle rod (A) out of its joint (B) using a flat-tip screwdriver (C). NOTE:

    • To ease reassembly, note the distance (D) of the outer handle rod on the joint before disconnecting it.

    • Take care not to bend the outer handle rod.



  1. Remove the maintenance hole seal (A), and remove the bolt (B) and nut (C) securing the outer handle protector rod (D), then remove the rod. Remove the bolt (E) securing the outer handle protector (F) and outer handle (G).



  1. Release the hook (A), then remove the outer handle protector (B) and spacer (C).



  1. Remove the outer handle (A). Replace the bushing (B) with new one on the outer handle. NOTE: Do not reuse the bushing when you disconnect the outer handle rod.

  2. Install the outer handle in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

    • Make sure the cylinder switch is installed correctly, with the slot and tab aligned.

    • Make sure the cylinder switch harness is routed properly.

    • Make sure the connector is plugged in properly, and each rod is connected securely.

    • Make sure the door locks and opens properly.

    • When installing the lock cylinder, leave the outer door handle bolts loose so the inner protector does not interfere with the lock cylinder installation, then tighten the handle bolts.

    • Install the lock cylinder retaining clip on the handle, then install the lock cylinder. Be sure the clip is fully seated in the slot on the lock cylinder.

    • When reinstalling the door panel, make sure the plastic cover is installed properly and sealed around its outside perimeter to seal out water.




i will up load the pictures that dis not load, hold on please


here is the file with the pictures click here

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