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1999 acura: which randomly parked..interstate

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I have a 1999 Acura 3.2TL, which randomly shuts off while driving. It runs very smooth prior to the shut off. It doesn't matter if I'm parked at a light or going 65 on the interstate. Once the engine turns off, all power in the car also dies. I then simple pull over and restart the engine and it continues to drive fine. I've notice that if it shuts off once, it's more prone to shut off a second time if I continue to drive it. I've also noticed that it becomes more and more difficult to restart the engine each time it shuts down. If I arrive at my destination and allow the car to sit for a few hours and then restart it... it seems to start right back up.

Note, I ALWAYS put in 93 octane fuel, as the manual requires. This has been going on for a few months, so I can rule out bad fuel.

Please Help!


the problem you are having is not fuel related its ignition switch. The year and model you have were prone to ignition switch failures. The electrical contacts on the switch wear and intermittently lose connection causing random stalling. The car usually starts right back up and as the switch wears more it will get increasingly harder to start.There was a recall on the part through Honda and Acura. You will need to call your local Acura dealer and check to see if the car is eligible for the recall and whether it has already been done. If it has been done, there is a great chance the switch is bad again. Replacing the switch will take care of the issue.

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