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Code P0740 TCC Circuit malfunction

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I am having what seems to be the "standard" transmission issue on my son's 2000 TL 3.2 sedan. Code P0740 TCC Circuit malfunction. Engine light and TCS light are both on. What is the first and least expensive thing that I can do myself first to possibly cure the issue?
Hello, what causes this is clutch material being circulated in the fluid becoming lodged in the shfit solenoids, usually the TCC solenoid is the first to show issues.

The first thing you can do is flush the transmission fluid, the procedure per Acura is to drain the transmission fluid, refill it, drive it around the block, drain it again and refill it. Do this for a total of 3 drain and fills using honda/acura ATF-Z1 transmission fluid. I've had some sucess doing this. The next thing you'd want to try is replacement of the tcc solenoid. But honestly, if the flush doesn't help it usually it's progressed too far for anything but a rebuild or replacement.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The problem just showed up yesterday and was driven about 20 miles since the engine light came on with about 5 of those being done after resetting the codes until the lights came on again. Do you think that I have caught the problem in time for the flush to work? Do I need to change any filters in the transaxle? Thanks!
You'll likely be able to save it, as far as the filters, that's the problem, there aren't any for you to change, which is why the clutch material is able to circulate with the transmission fluid. If it works you'll want to change the transmission fluid often, normally you'd do a drain and fill every 30,000, with yours I'd suggest every 10,000. Fortunately it only takes 4 quarts of fluid each time. Also, you check the fluid with the vehicle off, unlike most cars.