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my check engine light on my 2000 acura integra is constantly

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my check engine light on my 2000 acura integra is constantly blinking. My car feels sluggish on the go and it also idles rough. I was told that my #2 cylinder is not firing (misfiring)..what do i need to replace?
Hello, the light is flashing because you have what is considered a catalyst damaging missfire, it's intended to get you to stop driving.

You've already replaced the spark plugs, but you also need to verify that you're getting spark from the coil down to the plug itself, you can do this by pulling the plug out, installing it in the end of the plug wire, and placing the plug on a ground source such as the exhaust manifold, then crank the engine and watch for good blue spark. If you have blue spark you've verified that the ignition is functional. If not you likely have a problem with the cap, rotor, or plug wire. Next you'll need to verify that you have fuel, you should smell gasoline from when you cranked over the engine checking for spark. If you have both fuel and spark to that cylinder you'll next need to check for compression which will require a compression gauge. The most common thing I've seen on these vehicles for low compression is a burnt or broken valve, which would required cylinder head removal to diagnose.

I hope I've given you the info you need to get started on this. If you have any other questions please let me know. If you're happy with the information I've provided please click accept.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

To conduct this test i'm guessing i'm going to need another person to crank the engine..Is there any other way to find if there's a bent valves besides removing the head? Also, my engine is burning oil, could that be a good possibility that's causing all this issue...

yes, you'd need a second person to crank the engine. Generally no matter how much oil is being consumed the vehicle will run well for a period of time after plug replacement. It's possible that you have a failed compression ring that's causing very low compression and oil consumption, but that's much more rare than valve problems.

If you have low compression in the bad cylinder, there's really no way other than inspection to determine the cause, you can narrow it down to a piston or valve problem, but you won't be able to find the exact cause without teardown of the engine if you have a low compression problem.