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I was reading a thread similar to my issue Ive been using

Customer Question

I was reading a thread similar to my issue Ive been using Quicken in UK since 1995
JA: A combination of financial issues and software stuff sounds like a recipe for needing our Expert. You are in the right place. Please tell me more, so we can help you best.
Customer: last version was 2004 but using it unsupported since 2007 never found anything better This weekend it suddenly told me licence expired and when i try to refressh it it always fails
JA: Is there anything else important you think the Financial Software Technician should know?
Customer: im using on windows 10 and also on a mac via crossover for last 3 years i have the full set of data filwes from last week but can tread them 22 years of data any ideas how i can get round the licence issue
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Matthew Breecher replied 4 months ago.
Welcome to the new wave of software; subscription only as perpetual software is going away. I am both a Microsoft partner and Intuit partner. As some background, QuickBooks is owned by Intuit. It used to be I could just use ProSeries tax for clients and pay per return, then the started charging for the privilege (300 back in 2010) of just downloading their software (before any pay per return fees). And now, I cannot even open or use prior year software without a current year active license costing $500-600.
Expert:  Matthew Breecher replied 4 months ago.
Software companies have realized that users won't upgrade if the software works and they don't need new features. My time and billings software (BillQuick) did this exact same thing in 2014. The went subscription only and after the 2014 version I had to pay each year wether I wanted the new software version or not. Unfortunately, software as a service or subscription software is the direction every developer is going as it provides recurring revenue; think Microsoft Office 365.
Expert:  Matthew Breecher replied 4 months ago.
As Quickbooks is relatively inexpensive, it might just be worth paying for a current license. Otherwise, maybe switch to Peachtree as I don't think Sage (their parent company) is taking that approach yet.
Expert:  Matthew Breecher replied 4 months ago.
As a QB partner, let me see if my key still works or if they won't even let me go back that far. But, again, you might still think about upgrading to a current versions. Please note, I hate Intuit, Microsoft and every company that forces updates... but, that is the what things are going.