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Have used Quicken yrs or more use only. Never any trouble

Customer Question

Have used Quicken for 25 yrs or more for personal use only. Never any trouble until March/April 2016.Thouhgt I WAS FIXRED UNTIL MAY STATEMENT OF BANK CAPE COD FIVE received yesterday with incorrect beginning balance (from Prior Listing).
Prior lists except April wiped off and won't allow me to reconcile again.I find that I am about 300 ahead of the game and have bio way of determining mistake because as stated above I am not allowed to reconcile again. This used to be a pleasurable task == no longer.
Can you help me, please
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Robert M. replied 1 year ago.

unfortunately reconciling is one of the things quicken does very poorly with no easy way to fix it or unreconcile.

You basically have 3 options

1. load a backup file from before the reconcile and see if it will work

2. manually look through the register for the amount that you are off. You can sort by amount and see if there is 1 transaction for the exact amount and that would probably be your culprit.

3. give up and just put in an adjustment entry to get the balance back where it should be. ie if quicken thinks you have 300 too much make a withdrawal for 300. If quicken things you are 200 too low make a deposit for 200.

If you want to pay extra i am able to get you my phone number and log in remotely to work on it with you. But the above are the methods i would be using. i just might have a better idea on what we are looking for and how to adjust it.

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