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Robin D.
Robin D., Senior Tax Advisor 4
Category: Financial Software
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Experience:  15years with H & R Block. Divisional leader, Instructor
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I've been using Turbotax each year to file my taxes,

Customer Question

I've been using Turbotax each year to file my taxes, never a problem. For 2015 1040 filing, I e-filed on 4/6/2016, only to find all the info. related to my wife's w-2 earnings, etc. were not on the print copy reviewed a day later. I was so sure that I entered her pertinent tax information, but all that was on the printed copy was only information on me. (we file jointly, "husband & wife.") Practically all of the family income is earned by my wife, therefore the return was sure to be problematical. I'm unfamiliar with contacting Turbotax and was beside myself how to resolve the erroneous filing. Finally, on 4/12/2016, I reran, refiled via E-filing and included everything that was absent on the 4/6/2016 1040 +PA state filings. Will that cause confusion at IRS and PA Revenue? Or, will that revised filing overtake the error?
I am Stanley P. Stein, my wife is Nuriya M.
Please advise if there's more I should do, or will the matter now corrected itself?
My phone: ********** for phone contact. I am so worried about this. It's always gone smoothly with Turbotax until now. It has to be my oversight, I can't imagine otherwise.
My address: ******************************* Please, please advise.
Oh, an IRS refund was indicated after redoing the return with wife's income numbers.
Thanks you, Turbotax Support E-Mail:*****************
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Robin D. replied 1 year ago.
HelloI am not sure on one thing, you said you e-filed that first incorrect return but then were able to e-file another return with the correct information?Generally that is not possible. The IRS computer would have rejected your second e-filed return because you cannot e-file another if the first was accepted.Either you did not e-file the first, it rejected and you did not know it, or the second has rejected and you are not aware.Check you re-file status and verify that the second return was accepted. Then let me know. If it was accepted you are fine with your filing.You are required to click a positive rating if I am to be credited with the response.You have to actively click on a rating and click submit. Smiley Faces or Stars.
Expert:  Robin D. replied 1 year ago.
Checking to see if you responded

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