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I converted 2010 to 2014 some time ago, as service was no

Customer Question

I converted 2010 to 2014 some time ago, as service for 2010 was no longer available
I have a corrupted 2014 version of Quicken Home & Business, that your technical personnel have been UNABLE, TO DATE, to fix properly
I have opened a new 2014 File, but it is not functioning properly, and before I manually upgrade (extensive) in the new File, I would like to Download 2016,
I have gone online to attempt to order 2016 version by way of download, but it appears I can only PURCHASE it, and it will take several days to get here. That time period is unsuitable to me.
Additionally, when I convert to 2016, it appears that it will in setup, incorporate 2014 material. Since this is corrupted, I do not wish to infect 2016 with 2014 data.
So my problem for you to address is:
- how can I download 2016, not purchase it - time period for delivery is unacceptable, and
- how can I install 2016, either by download or having to purchase it, AND PREVENT IT from infesting itself with the corrupted 2014 file.
Thank you for your assistance. It has been a nightmare over the years even contacting Quicken to resolve my problems, when all that I was looking for was "Solution Attainment", and for those that I contacte to do anything suitable.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Robert M. replied 1 year ago.

i see no problem purchasing the 2016 for download through;jsessionid=ff7bXOJ9tJDX4dooCy7wug**.p47-6?_requestid=17340

if that link does not work what i did was go to

click on the blue buy box in the deluxe section

you should notice in the check out section a drop down box called "delivery method"

which can be switched between download and cd

as for preventing corruption

i recommend doing a clean install using the utilities and instructions on this page to remove all traces of older installs

also you want to keep the data file on the c drive and not on a network drive or cloud drive

you want to run validation on it every once in a while to make sure it is not corrupted

file / file operations / validate and rebuild

and most importantly you want to make backups every day and keep about a weeks worth and maybe 1 for each month beyond that week. While many people use quicken for years with no problem, corruption does happen and the fixes are limited to the validation routine. Having a good backup at all times is essential.

Expert:  Robert M. replied 1 year ago.

sorry i just saw that you wanted home and business

that is available by clicking this link

and clicking the buy now button

but again you get to the same place and you can change the delivery method to download by clicking on it.

Is it possible that you were trying to buy it from someplace like amazon rather than quicken directly ? they might not have anything but a retail cd for that product

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