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I am trying to not get too frustrated/mad but, honestly I

Customer Question

I am trying to not get too frustrated/mad but, honestly I hate never having any free personal or relax time so I get a bit crazed when I lose HOURS AND HOURS trying to get software to work.
FACTS: (1) I’ve been using Quicken and TurboTax since the mid 1990s. (2) My problem, since last spring is that In only then created a Quicken profile/password ***** my bank was not serviced by Quicken until then.(3) I had no idea that the Quicken data base would be the same as Turbo Tax and so had 2 profiles which I only discovered March 18 when this problem of my password ***** being accepted surfaced [Quicken Chat session, Incident # ***** The service tech gave me a new software download and the problem stopped...until now. (4) When I try to download /input a transaction file from my bank, Quicken asks me for a password (not sure if it’s my Quicken Profile p’word or my Quicken “Vault Password”, but nothing works. (5)I’ve tried 6 times to reset my password, and here’s how that goes: (a) “enter email”:, (b) “sorry we don’t have that user in our data base. Please select from one of the following –***@******.*** ; andrewmgil [my TurboTax ID]. (c) So I select the email that is SAID to not exist, retrieve the email, open the link, enter a new password, watch as it is “accepted” and NOTHING ever happens; the new password “is not correct”. I would LOVE to get rid of the “andrewmgil TurboTax ID and have SOMEONE tell me (1) does quicken want my Intuit password ***** my Vault password ***** and (2) Why the heck am I having SO MUCH trouble?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Robert M. replied 1 year ago.

when exactly are you getting that message ?

it sounds like it wants your intuit id and password ***** the newer quickens do every so often for no reason that makes any sense to anybody but them.

one solution might be to change the intuit id for quicken to the one that you know works.

you can do that under edit / preferences

I would have to go to my other computer with a newer version of quicken to tell you exactly where but it shouldnt be too hard to find.

If you want to pay a little bit more i can log in remotely and talk with you on the phone to get it all straightened out. Another solution is to create a third intuit id and switch everything to that. But it makes it harder to pull last years stuff to turbo tax.

Really there shouldnt be any reason that you can't use different id's for turbo tax and quicken so i am not sure where the turbo tax part comes in.

Lastly Intuit login's can be a royal pain and sometimes they get screwed up to the point where you have to talk to intuit. But i have done that before and always got things straightened out one way or another.

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