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CAn't send my Quicken Bill pay payments in Quicken h& 2014 R

Customer Question

CAn't send my Quicken Bill pay payments in Quicken h&B 2014 R 8 ( Or download my bank account info (but I can download my visa charges ) I validated file but still won't send my Bill Payments.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Robert M. replied 1 year ago.

is it the same account doing the payments as the download that works ?

if it is a different account you would want to go to

tools / account list ( OR cntrl A)

select the problem account

click edit

select online services

then click the reset button

Also most but not all bill pay from quicken actually goes through quicken bill pay service rather than the bank. it depends on the bank some banks have it set with quicken to go directly to them. But if it is using the quicken bill pay than you might not be signed up for that or your subscription expired.

I am heading off for the night but i will be here tomorrow afternoon all day. If the above reset does not work please tell me exactly what error message you are getting when you use the bill pay feature.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I typed a response already and it disappeared. Very Frustrating. hopefully you will get it. It was typed in a box that popped up.
This does not begin to answer my problem. I have been using Quicken H&B for >20 years and the QKN billPay service as well. once in a while this corruption happens and I have to call for support. 6 mos ago I had to do a "Super Validation" to open my file. I can't do that now because I am logged in from home using LOGMEIN.. I have 1 file with a business checking account that I do NOT download my bank transactions into but I sent out requests for Qkn BillPay to pay my bills from. I have a visa credit card account and I have a COPY of my business checking that I just use to download the bank's copies of my transactions (to see what the bank has cleared). I can download VISA charges but NOT send any BillPay requests or download info from my bank. If I go directly to the bank's website, I can see my account transaction info there. I think my quicken data file is corrupted and need it fixed fast since I must sent out these bills.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Well, I kept Validating the File and Fixing the errors in the database until there were none left. Then tried to send bills and receive transaction data. It worked but unfortunatly, no thanks to you. I stayed up to 1am and got it fixed. You went to bed and didn't get paid. Please do NOT charge me for this. I am NOT happy with the service.