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Quicken 2015 Deluxe sees all of my accounts and, in the past,

Customer Question

Quicken 2015 Deluxe sees all of my accounts and, in the past, I could print checks from my general checking account. Now, Quicken doesn't recognize any checks that have been entered in that account. If I enter a check in another account, I can print it. If I then try to move the check to the general account, the move function doesn't show the general checking account even though I can see and access the general account on my screen. This just started a couple of days ago. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Robert M. replied 2 years ago.
Maybe I am confused by what you are trying to do. But you could never put a check in one account then print it from a different one. No more than you could write a physical check from one bank account then cash it from a different bank account Hit ctrl W or tools / write checksThen in the drop down box select which account to write the check fromThen write the check and print and save it It will then show up in the register for the account it was written on If that does not work I can get you my phone number and even log in remotely to fix it for you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The problem isn't that I can't write checks to the general account. Using either control W or the "to print" dropdown in the register, I can enter checks in the general account. I see them in the account with the "to print" designation. When I go to print the checks, the program tells me that I have no checks to print. If I move one of the checks to another account, and go to print checks in that account, the check prints. I then tried to move the entry for the printed check to the general account but the drop down menu in the "move" command doesn't list the general account. It lists all of the other accounts but not that one even though I can still access it from the account lists on the left side of the screen. Hope that makes it clearer.
Expert:  Robert M. replied 2 years ago.
a couple of things to try first try validating the filefile / file operations / validate second. Have you ever written checks successfully from that account?If it was not marked as a checking TYPE account you wont be able to write checks on it. Hit ctrl A to get the account listnext to the account click the edit buttonunder the general tabthere is a listing for ACCOUNT TYPEif that does not say checking it is not going to let you print checks. I don't think that there is any way to change that once it is set. You would have to create the account again as a checking account and then move all of the transactions ( you can do it all at once by highlighting them all click on the bottom one hold the shift key down and hit up arrow till they are all highlighted and then right click on them and select move)then delete the original account after they are all moved. if you need to do that i highly recommend creating a backup before you do it. That way if it messes up you can load the backup and try again. I can also get you my phone number and remote in to do it for you. there is an additional charge for that though. I have put up an offer and if you accept it i can get you my phone number and do it whenever it is convenient.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Robert, thanks for reaching out again. I tried to respond to the message above but there was no response block. I tried validating the file but I still can't print checks from the general account. It is listed as a checking account and I've been printing checks from it for at least 15 years with various versions of Quicken. I have resorted to entering checks in other accounts that I have in Quicken and printing the checks from the other account. When I have tried to use the move function to move the printed check into the general account, the drop-down menu doesn't even show the general account, even though I can see it on my screen and manually enter data into it. When I do the online update, the downloaded data gets entered into the general account and I can accept all of the data and reconcile the account. The program just doesn't see the general account as an account from which checks can be printed anymore. This literally happened overnight. The day before I could enter checks (either using control W or manually entering them) and then using the print command. The next day, the program would not recognize that there were any checks to print in the Gen. account. If I use control W, it now no longer recognizes the general account in the drop-down menu. Perplexing! thanks for your anticipated help.
Expert:  Robert M. replied 2 years ago.
the validate is the only real tool quicken provides to fix a corrupt file.
there are a couple of things that you can check like if the account is set to inactive in the account list
it might help to reset it for online access under edit in the account list
or you can create the account again and either copy the transactions from the old account to the new or just transfer the final balance from the old to the new and use the new account
you can restore a backup file from before the problem started and redo any entries since the day of the backup
I gave an offer for a phone call and I can remote in to fix it for you. There might be something I see I cant think of but when I see it it will jump out at me. More likely I would wind up using one of the above methods to fix it. But I would be happy to do it for you if you were to accept the offer for additional service. Thank you.