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Angie Russell
Angie Russell, Bookkeeper
Category: Financial Software
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Experience:  Quickbooks proadvisor, expert in payroll taxes, sales taxes, business taxes, bookkeeping and tax preparation.
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I have a specific question relating to QB Online Plus. For

Customer Question

I have a specific question relating to QB Online Plus. For reports, the app defaults to Sunday as first day of the week. My franchise uses Monday as start date. QBO will allow me to set whatever date I wish (under Time Tracking under Advanced settings), but this appears only to effect timesheets and time tracking. I want to be able to pull a P&L (for instance) which respects my using Monday as the first day of the week.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Angie Russell replied 2 years ago.
Hi, I hope I am able to answer your question effectively.

I'm not really sure I understand your question. When you run reports (almost all of them) you can choose specific dates. If you want to know your profit from Monday to Friday and you don't know the date of Monday, you can click on the little calendar icon beside where you would enter the date and chose the Monday you need do the same thing on "to" side.

Because of the defaults you can't choose "this week" or "this month" in the transaction date section, but you can choose any period you want in the from and to sections.

You are right about QBO being very different from the desktop version. In that version you can customize your report and memorize it and revisit it anytime, the online version is very different and much less customizable.

Because reports like the P&L and Balance sheet are generally used in accounting on a monthly basis for tax purposes (like sales tax and other taxes) the reports default to the standard week. But you can see any information by clicking on calendar icon beside the date and choose specifics. This will be the only way to get what your looking for.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Because my company uses bi-weekly payroll periods, and also starts its week on Mondays (85 franchises, so I cannot effectively change everybody else!), I want to budget and track income and expenses based on some multiple of weeks, not months.

Your suggestion would work if I'm satisfied with only outputting a single period of time (2 week; 4 week, whatever) then just chose a time unit which is longer, thus will display all days in a single column. Thing is, I want to output multiple time periods, for comparison, budgeting, production bonuses, etc. QBO supports this, which is great

In the report settings (see image 1) I can choose a variety of time units, including monthly and weekly. Given readouts in weekly format, I can export to Excel, then combine the weeks into 2-week or 4-week units and get what I want.

However, the start/end dates will always be wrong unless I can re-define the default week as Mon-Sun, not Sun-Sat. The "weekly" readout shows my weeks OK, but they start and end on the wrong dates; the first complete week of 2015 for my business was Jan 5 - Jan 11, not Jan 4 - Jan 10; the second Jan 12 - Jan 18, not Jan 11 - Jan 17 (please see image 2) Therefore any combining or other manipulation of output will always be flawed, and will never match my payroll records, or my billing invoices to clients.

Expert:  Angie Russell replied 2 years ago.
I understand your problem now... Unfortunately the answer I have isn't one that will solve it.

I've done extensive research and asked colleagues about your problem. It seems you are not the only one with this same issue, however the only option QB gives is to change the start of the work week in the time tracking section.... according to some of the information I have read, when you change the first day of your work week in time tracking, it is supposed to change the reports as well, but nearly person who tried this had the same result, the weekly reports still start on Sunday.

One person told me that QBO reads from Windows defaults on your computer, but others have said they managed to alter the windows defaults and it made no difference. A few people have said they contacted QBO support and was told that this wasn't a possibility.

Since I can't give you a definitive answer other than it appears that this can't be done. I'm going to opt out in hopes that another expert might provide insight to something other than changing the start date in the time tracking section.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you so much, both for your extensive research of the problem and especially for stepping out for someone else to give it a try. I will definitely keep your name on file, promise to pay the favor back one day.

FWIW, I already tried changing the day under time tracking; no joy. Perhaps if I paid intuit for payroll services it would magically spread across reports as well? :-)

You have provided me a useful hint (I use a Mac, not Windows). I will try to reconfigure my OS's calendaring default to start the week on Monday, see if that has any effect.