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Robert M.
Robert M., Consultant
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I update from 2013 Quicken Deluxe to 2014 a couple of days

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I update from 2013 Quicken Deluxe to 2014 a couple of days ago. I can access all of my accounts except my personal checking. Everytime I attempt to go into my checking account I get an error that Quicken has stopped working. When I went to view the error report. It says it is named 'Crash'. Help I only wanted to pay bills today, not deal with a software issue

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


does it happen when you try to pull up the register for the account or when you try to go online to update it ?


Try this it might solve the problem either way


in the quicken go to


file menu

select file operations



that checks the data file for errors and attempts to rebuild it if it finds any


If it does not work let me know and we can go into more in depth trouble shooting

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert,


I followed your "validate" instructions and there were no errors. I attempted to access my checking account from my accounts list and again received an error. Error 7138 (but this error message number changes). It states Quicken window has stopped working (: Error report sent ID is XXXXXXXXX Any other suggestions? FYI I also use Quicken backup program online.



I think that I would suggest trying to restore a backup and see if that works any better.


do you need instructions to do that ?


If the backup works than there was just a problem with the conversion and the data file was no good. If the backup has the same error than it is probably a corrupt file in the program itself and you can re install it.


I have some special instructions for re installing the program so please let me know if you need that option and I will get them to you.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have used their backup program for a couple of years but have never had to restore. Do I need to choose a file to restore that is a date prior to when I updated to the 2014 program? I guess I do need help with the restore process. Today when I was having issues before I contacted you, I was going to backup but cancelled it right away thinking I may be overwriting a good file. So help please


to file /backup restore / restore


There might be a quicken automatic backup on the hard drive. already

or it will give you the option to log in to the online backup. You can try either one. I would try whatever the newest one is and if it does not work try one from before you updated.


Also the data file that you converted may still be around as a qdf file. copy that to a safe place there are some things we can do with that including doing the conversion again

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I purchased the 2014 update on 10/29 and converted at the same time. I have a back from 10/29 but I don't know if I did it before or after the conversion (: I also have a backup from 10/31. If I am understanding your instructions, I should attempt to restore the file dated 10/31, correct?

try them both the newest one first
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert,


It doesn't appear that you received my last reply. I have restored my last backup which I believe is the backup that I did just after I converted the data to 2014. I am now re entering everything I did today. Do I need to close out my session with you now or should I wait until I have re entered everything again. Let me know. Thank you

That is up to you. But if you can get into the account now and don't see any problems other than putting in a days worth of entries I would think the problem is solved.


I would really appreciate if you would give me an excellent rating as that affects my status on the site and allows me to be paid for my time. If you run into further problems you can still post them back in and I will help with them even after you have rated me


Thank you :)

Robert M. and other Financial Software Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert,

I don't have any further questions. I did talk to Intuit Thursday because my Qken2014 froze up. They determined that my file was damaged during the conversion process even though it indicated in the validation process it was error free. So they assisted me with that.

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