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Quickbooks 2012 Prefessional Services edition, We have been having a

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Quickbooks 2012 Prefessional Services edition,

We have been having a few issues with quickbooks. The first is we download our web connect file from our banking institution and then on the menu we select banking, online banking, and import web connect file. The system goes through its upload process but the transactions are not put in the right account. Some go in one account while others from the same account are put into another account. Now our account balances in quick books are showing large negative numbers, even though the web connect files we downloaded from the bank are designated when we se them in quickbooks with the right balances. Why would this happen? Is there a way to fix it?
The second issue we have is that a couple bills that were created now show that they were paid even though we have not yet paid those invoices. We did pay for other invoices and marked them as paid, but, the final two invoices we have not yet paid and they now show in quickbooks as being paid. Why would that happen?


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, I would like an answer to this question. They have already closed it and I had to call them to re-open it. It is my desire to have the question answered. If I have to wait I will. Hopefully it does not take to much longer. Usually you guys are pretty good about getting an answer pretty quickly. Thanks


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Hi Monica,
Are you still looking for an answer to your QuickBooks issues?

First QuickBooks WebConnect can be tricky & sometimes defaults are selected during setup or initial transactions that can change how well it works. If you are sure the WebConnect files are pointing to the correct accounts, I would suggest that you look at your Renaming Rules within the Online Banking wizard you use when entering the downloaded transactions. If you let QuickBooks just do what it wants to do automatically, sometimes errors can happen based on the assumptions QuickBooks will make using previously entered transactions. Without seeing more information that you can see, I wonder if you are going thru the "receiving process" and entering all the transactions from the Online Banking screen. You cannot just import the file & leave QuickBooks to sort everything & put it into the right places, this will not work correctly, it requires your oversight on many transactions.

For your second issue, you have customer payments or credits that have not been correctly applied to your invoices. These "unapplied" payments are feeding to the balance and so making it look as if those invoices have been paid, or another customers payment was mistakenly applied to those Invoices. Look at your most recent customer payments and see which invoices they have been applied to. The proper method to receive customer payments is to go thru the Customers>Receive Payments steps. When you Select the customer from the Receive Payments window, you should see the outstanding invoices you have for a Customer. You may need to go back to previous payments and adjust them accordingly to the correct invoice if not matched appropriately. If these troubleshooting tips are not sufficient, please send me screenshots of the errors you are seeing & I will help you step by step to correct the problem.

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QuickBooks ProAdvisor MBA PHR, Management Consultant, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, MBA, PHR
Satisfied Customers: 82
Experience: QuickBooks Pro, POS Point of Sale, Online & Enterprise Solutions
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