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Robert M.
Robert M., Consultant
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I backup up my quicken yesterday and today I cannot open quicken.

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I backup up my quicken yesterday and today I cannot open quicken. I get an error message that the data file cannot be open because it is in use by some other application. I have restored my computer 2 times, I have reinstalled the software 2 times, I have rebooted several times, all software is closed and it still won't open quicken. Do you have any ideas

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


find the quicken data file that you want to open from windows rather than quicken. They are usually in the quicken folder under my documents but you can search for *.qdf or whatever name you gave the file


when you find it

copy it to a new folder

preferably my documents or my pictures something that you have full access rights to

on this new copy

right click on it and select rename

give it a new name while leaving the qdf after the period the same

right click on it and select properties

make sure nothing is checked for hidden or read only or system


Then start the quicken by holding the ctrl key down while double clicking on the quicken icon

that will start it in safe mode with no data file

hit file / open

browse to the new file that you created and open that.

Robert M. and other Financial Software Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Why haven't you responded to my many followup concerns that were created while I was following your instructions above. I have emailed you,I have asked the question on your web and I never got any response. I did get the data file restored, but in all the trials in trying to recover the file, I have created 2 data files that are just crap name is number, letters, etc in the file name. I want to delete these files from quicken and I don't want to ask another question and pay another fee when this problem is still existing from the current problem. My problem is only half solved.

if you scroll up you will see that this is the first time you have responded in HERE. I don't see if you answer anywhere else or email anybody. You have to post here.


I will be happy to assist you further.


If you just want to delete the files that you don't want go to

documents folder

double click on the quicken folder

find the data files there that you don't want

right click on them

select delete


is there anything else that you need more assistance on ? Or if you cant find the files that way let me know. You can also search for them from the documents folder by putting *.qdf in the search box on the top right

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

MY quicken folder that is in my document file is empty. The file I'm talking about is within the quicken program. When I click on File, then Open, it opens up all my financial files. However, 2 junk files were created when I was trying to follow your instructions from files in different locations. These files have a long string with numbers, letters, etc that have no valid logical name, but there is data within the files. I want to delete these files within quicken. How do I do this? I've searched within the quicken help and cannot find an answer.

What do you mean files "within quicken"


quicken has no files within it. It opens one data file at a time from a folder on the computer.


it has accounts within it.


Can you send me a screen shot so I can see the files that you are talking about please


Screen shot instructions

hold alt button down hit print screen button release buttons

click start menu / all programs / accesories / paint

click edit / paste

click file / save as

save as a jpg file in my pictures


on the top of this window click the insert button it should be a paper clip to right of the smiley face.

click browse.

click browse in the 2nd window that pops up

browse to the file you just saved in my pictures

click ok

click insert back in the first window


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This is the picture I just took from my quicken when I click on File. I have a selection to choose from, my current data file or my converted old data file. When trying to follow your instructions, I had to try it several times and retrieve data from different backup sources. One came in from the recycle bin. #3 is the same as #2, but I don't need #3 and #4 is the same as #1, but there is no data in #4. Only the file name is there. I cannot locate the names of #3 or #4 anywhere on the computer except in the quicken screen and even if I did find the file and deleted it, it would only delete the data within the file and not get rid of the file name on my screen. I cannot get the image to attach to this message. Is there some other way to send you the image? The image is there, but when I click on the OK to finalize the attachment, it won't attach

Sorry but you are incorrect there.


when you hit file / open in quicken it pulls up a windows folder and shows the files in windows. It does not keep its own list. If you delete them from the windows folder it will get rid of them in quicken.


try right clicking on them and select delete when you see them in the place that you see them.


You can email the screen shot to [email protected] and reference this question

and ask them to forward it to me.





Got your message. I see what you mean.


You should be able to delete them from the recycle bin ( or empty the recycle bin ) and they should go away


If that does not do it you have to search for a file name quser.ini

you need to set it to search for hidden and system files.


Then edit that file and remove the offending entries.


That is more of a pain than most people would want to go through just to get rid of the entries on the list. if you open other data files the unused ones will fall off.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Robert, I found the files in the quser.ini file and deleted them. They no longer show in my file selection of Quicken. All is finally finished.

You are very welcome and thank you for the excellent rating


I hope you will come back and request me next time you have any computer related issue.


You can send me a question directly by using this link


or by putting FOR ROBERT M in the front of the question.


thanks again and I am very glad that you are satisfied with the service

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