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I have Quicken Essentials Version 1.7.4 (Build 4.7362.400)

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I have Quicken Essentials Version 1.7.4 (Build 4.7362.400) registered [email protected] The computer is an iMac, OS X, Version, 10.7.5. My bank account is PNC. In 2013 I started a "PNC Checking Account." All went logically until 4/24/13. At that time, Quicken Essentials opened a "Checking" Account -- which began behaving like my "PNC Checking Account". Question: how to reconcile or combine the two with a minimum of complexity??

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.

Quicken does that every so often. Usually it is because of some minor change at your bank and quicken doesn't believe it is the same account anymore so it creates a new one.


Your best bet is to keep the new account as that is what it will continue downloading to.


for the old account you can either zero it by transferring the ending balance to the new account with a simple transfer transaction and that should get you the correct balance in the new account. Then just keep it around for historical searches. Any report except the register report defaults to using all accounts so you wont notice a problem there.


The other option you have is to move the transactions from the old account to the new account.


open the old account. Highlight all of the transactions with the mouse or by clicking on the bottom one and holding the shift key down while pushing the up arrow until they are all highlighted. then right click or command click and select MOVE TRANSACTIONS. Select the new account as the account to move them to. Then you can delete the old now empty account.


I strongly suggest that you create a backup before you try that. It is pretty straightforward but also easy to make a mistake and its nice to be able to go back and try it again if you do.

Robert M. and other Financial Software Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm between medical apptmnts this AM. Thus don't have time to work out option 1 above which seems the most logical. Will work this PM and submit a rating. RSM

thank you. just let me know if you run into any problems and I will get you through them

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