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How do I transfer monies from my payment history or credit

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How do I transfer monies from my payment history or credit memo to the invoices? I can see the payments are entered, I just cannot figure out how to import them or show the credit on the invoices.

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


what program are you using and what exactly are you trying to do ?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry. 2013 Quick Books for Mac. Two questions. First, I am trying to transfer or show credits as payments on my invoice. The payments are entered via receive payments and "refunds and credits." They don't show up when I look at the invoices.


Second question, how do I sort my invoices by date? As i input my time, they are showing up on my invoice in the order I input them,not by date.


Thank you for your help.


this is how you apply a payment to an invoice as per quickbooks


Edit the deposit to create a credit to the customer:

  1. Open the original deposit.
  2. In the Received From column, enter the customer name used on the original invoice.
  3. Click OK on the following message: The customer has outstanding invoices. To apply this payment to those invoices, use the Receive Payments window before you deposit the payments.
  4. In the From Account column, replace the income or other type of account with the Accounts Receivable account used on the original invoice.
  5. Click Save & Close.

Apply the credit to the original invoice:

1. Select Receive Payment from the Customer menu,

2. In the Customer Payment window, select the customer name used on the original invoice.

3. Click on the invoice to which you wish to apply the credit.

4. Click Discounts and Credits, and place a check mark beside the credit amount you wish to apply.

5. Click Done.

6. Click Save & Close.

7. From the Customer Center, open the original invoice. Paid should show on the Invoice.



to change the sort order of anything that you are looking at you can click on the title bar above the columns where it has says what is in the column below it. So if you click on the word date above the date column the invoices should show up in date order

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