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Is teamviewer a part of Quicken customer support or is it a

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Is teamviewer a part of Quicken customer support or is it a scam? They temporarily fixed a problem with my register where it went from listing all payments and deposits made in chronilogical order to listing all transactions to a specific business or charity made over an eight year period, causing my balance to fluctuate badly; making no sense at all. The Rep, who spoke in a very difficult accent fixed the problem for a few minutes, and then he told me that I needed to purch support services for a one time price of $109 or a one year charge of $399. When I refused thye offer, the alpha order on the register retuned. I then went to my second checking account which was working perfectly and I found that it was also listed in alfa order. I kept trying to get back to customer services, and noe Iwhen I attempt to access my bank accounts, the only thing that I can get is Quicken cannot open this file because it is read only. I'[m stumped. What can I do?

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


Team viewer is not a service. It is a program that allows other people remote access into your computer. Like anything else that can be used for good or for bad.


Without knowing who you paid or how you found them I cant tell you if it was a scam or just poor service.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I did not pay them anything. that is why they did notg keep my dfixand then fouled it upp worse. I found them by googling with the request for Quicken Deluxe Customer ServiceI then selected one of the list of servers that sounded like it was an official part of Quicken. I have used Quicken for many years. This is the first time that I haave had a problem. It appeared to me that when I gave them (meaning Quicken) customer servise Reps the access to my computer, they masnipulated me trying to get $109 or $399 from me. At this time I rejected their offer, and they retaliated by fouling up my bank accouts statements and evn manipulating it to make it a read only .

That sounds like an organization that if it is not a scam is the closest thing to it.


We do legitimate work here. I am from the united states and many of the experts here are as well.


Do you still need help fixing the problem? Usually I just tell you what to do and help you until the problem is fixed. When you are happy with the results you rate me and if you give me a good rating I get paid.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, I still need to access my accounts so that I can reconcile them. When the items on the register were listed in alfha order, they were impossible to reconcile. Now, I cannot even get to the register of either account. How can I get them fromead only to my account registers?. Once I get access, then I need to know how to return them to the way that they have been for the last twenty some years. Please help me if you can.

what happens when you try to open a register ?


Have you got a backup file ? that might be the easiest way to do this if the person purposely screwed up your files restoring a backup might be the fastest and easiest way to get it working again.


Go to

file menu / backup restore / restore

see if there is a recent backup and if so follow the prompts to restore it.


that might put things back to the way it was before the guy screwed it up and we can work on the original problem after that.


I am probably leaving for the day in the next 15 minutes so I would really appreciate if you could wait for me to work on it further with you tomorrow.


would that be ok ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes. I too am ready to quit for the night. What time would you be available?

Usually by noon central time. But occasionally earlier. sometimes 9 or 10 but always by noon
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you. Neil xxxx. xxxxx

ok I will talk with you tomorrow. please post in sometime in the morning.


thanks :)

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi is now 10:10 Tuesdaay morning. I just tried to open Quicken, and I got the message "Quicken is already in use, and Quicken can not have two programs running at once. I then closed out and tried to open my other checking account, and this time I received the message Quicken can not be opened it is a read only. I shall await your response to this email message.

what operating system are you using ?


did you do the restore that I asked you to try yesterday ?


just rebooting the computer might take care of the multiple copies open

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Robert, we do not back up our computer on a regular basis so I could not restore the program to an earlier date, before the foul-up. I shall now try to reboot the computer, b ut I don't think that this will have any effect. I shall let you know in about 10 minutes or so. Thanks

let me know. But a lot of quicken programs will make their own backups every so often so there might be one laying around even if you did not back it up
Robert M. and 2 other Financial Software Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Rebooting did not help. I still get the message Quicken cannot open the file because it is read only.

I do not have any idea how to look for a back-up that may have been done automatically. I am 85 years old and am not very computer literate.Maybe I should just take the computer into a computer repair shop to see what they can do with it. What do you recommend?


nah we should be able to get it.


Do a search for the file by searching for *.qdf or if you know the files name you can search for that


or it is usually in a quicken folder under my documents folder

right click on it and uncheck the box that says read only or hidden or system

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I finally found the quicken folder in my document list. None of the files had any date after 2012 listed I checked on both of the qdf listing and right clicked on the file and under properties I found the boxes for read only and hidden. Neither box was checked for either account. Now what?

when you try to open the file how do you do it ?


do you click on the file directly or do you open the quicken and go to file / open

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Both. I get the saame answer each way

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Robert, prior to my last answer and I tried both ways, and as I said,the same response was Cannot open, read only file.

Howeve, when I clicked on our file name on the desktop, I noticed the message "File modified on 9/30/13 1:15 PM. After sending you my last message, I put the mouse arrow on the icon of out other bank account, the message File modified on 9/30/13 2:10 PM. it was during this time that I was dealing with this scammer. He fixed the problem in a few minutes, and then when I rejected his offer to provide "protection" for my computer for the one time for $109 &/or $399 for a year, he quickly returned the register to the alpha listing that was there before he temporarily fixed it. The sec ond account was still in the sequence intended. The next time I tried to access the second account, I found that it too had been modified and now unuseable.Therefore, in my opinion, these twol modification times ensure (in m y mind) that it was a deliberate "punishment" by the scammer for my rejection of his "Protection offer".

sounds like it. Especially cause its very easy to change the sort order from alpha to another order. Just click on the title bar above the column that you want to sort on and it will sort on that column


So you know where the file is that you want to open ?


right click on it and select copy


then go to another folder such as my docuents

right click and select paste


then hit F2 and rename the file leaving the .qdf at the end


then right click on the file and select properties and again make sure that it is not set for read only or hidden or system


then try to open this new file in quicken

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Robert, I attempted to do what you suggested. I re-named the file, and opened it under my new name. What came up was data from the original file, but it was from 2003. I was not able to update after december 2003.

By the way, when I right clicked Quicken, and clicked on properties (before selecting the affected file) a property listed was read only and it was checked. I unchecked it, and then tried to open the file with the new name, I received the 2003 data. So, I tried again to reopen the file and it was still a read only file. What an exhausting problem.

once you have the file open


open the register

click on account actions on the top right

select sort

select sort on date


you may get a lot more of your data showing up

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Robert, there is no "account actions" listed on the top right. I tried again and again and I always came up withthe data from 2003; and I could not get any more. Also, whenever I "revisit" any of the files used, they always have the read only option checked. even though I un check the read only spot and click on apply. I am so tired of these two days of frustrations, I'm going to give up, and go to a computer technician tomorrow. I wish that I had contacted you first and that you would have told me what to do to change it from alpha to date of entry sort, and both you and I would be much more satisfied.

Just because we didn't get the barriers caused by the scammers fixed, I'm stgill going to give you the highest rating possible. If my mind was still as sharp as it was even at age 80, I think that i would have b een much more likely to help solve my dilemma. Thank you for your help. I shall save all of your suggestions and maybe they will help me in the future. Thank you again, Neil xxxx. xxxx

Thank you. I really would appreciate the rating as it lets me be paid and helps my standing on the site.


If you want to continue at any time I will be here. Just post back in.


If you cant find account actions on the register you may be using an older version of quicken. You can also just click on the title bar above the columns and it will sort on that column. this screen shot shows where that would be as well as account actions but I think the account action started in 2010 before that you can get the sort under the view menu





The files might be marked read only if you have quicken running and try to click on them rather than going to file / open from within quicken.


If he did something to your actual system to mess you up you might be able to fix it using a system restore to a few days before they got in and messed with you


system restore instructions XP VISTA

start menu /all programs / accesories / system tools / system restore


select restore to an earlier date.

choose a date from the calendar that is BEFORE you experienced the problem

hit ok / restore

the computer will start to shut down

a restoring settngs box will appear with a status bar

when it finishes your computer will restart with the same settings it had on the date you restored to. your data will not be affected.

It is not perfect. But it fixes a lot of things.


System restore instructions - windows 7

type rstrui.exe in the white search box on the windows start menu and hit enter

select restore to an earlier date.

Under the "suggested restore" which is usually not old enough to help is a link for "OTHER RESTORE POINTS"
click that if the suggested ones are not BEFORE THE PROBLEM STARTED

choose a date from the list that is BEFORE you experienced the problem

hit ok / restore

the computer will start to shut down

a restoring settngs box will appear with a status bar

when it finishes your computer will restart with the same settings it had on the date you restored to. your data will not be affected.

It is not perfect. But it fixes a lot of things.