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QuickBooks 2009 Archiving Is there a way to either archive

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QuickBooks 2009 Archiving

Is there a way to either archive a portion of the data from a company or to start a new duplicate company and to export only a "current" portion of the data. I feel like I do not need to be sifting through so much data every time I do a search. Thank you

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


there is a way to archive the data


You can go to file / file operations / year end copy


It will allow you to put in a date where you want everything prior to that to be in the archive and a date where you only want transactions after that date to remain in the current file. They do not have to be the same date.


In order for it to work you need to have every account fully reconciled. It wont archive non reconciled data. It also wont archive investment accounts.



Your other option is to create a new file using file / save a copy as


and in this new file just delete old records

you can do that quickly by just picking a date

click on that and hold the shift key down while hitting the up arrow until all the prior transactions are highlighted. Then right click and select delete



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