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I have two bank accounts listed: Bank of America ( which account

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I have two bank accounts listed: Bank of America ( which account was closed long ago),andCoconut Grove Bank which is my only active bank account. When I went on Quicken tonight and meant to go to that account, I must have hit the wrong button because all of a sudden Co Grove was outlined in blue and showed a "current balance" of about $2000 to $3000 negative. It also said "net worth". I then went to reconcile account and the transactions there were coorect. Since I had just received a bank statement, I reconciled the accoutn and everything seemed to be OK. It showed I had a Register Ending Balance of over $14,000. But I am still seeing a Current Balance of -$2,000 and a Ending Balance of +$14,000. Can you tell me what the trouble is and how I fixit? Thank you

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


This is the most likely cause for that problem.


the register is just mis sorted especially if the 14k is correct


-Sorting the register-

Click on the account actions button on the top right

select sort / by date


In older versions that option will be under the view menu


Or there is a title bar on top of the register columns that says what is in the columns underneath it. Clicking on anything in that title bar will sort it on that column

If you click right where it has the actual word "Date" above the date column that will sort it on date. Click once to sort one direction twice to sort the other direction.



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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your answer, but I cannot find the account actions button or the title baryou have described.I am 88 years old and very tired tonight, so I wiil have to continue tomorrow. But I will rate you so you can get paid.

Post back in tomorrow and i will continue to help you. You might be looking at a report rather than the account register.
click on banking and then select the account and you will get the register. That should have the places that i was talking about. The title bar thing at least is in every version of quicken