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When I create a new client, how do I get Simply Accounting

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When I create a new client, how do I get Simply Accounting to link a processed invoice amount to the 'Client Aged' report.

I use Simply Accounting By Sage Premium 2008. Up until August of 2013 there has been no problem like this. When I processed a client invoice, the total of that invoice would link to the Accounts Receivable Account and also to the Client Aged Report.

When I was reconciling my Financials for year end, ending August 31, 2013, I discovered that the total of the Accounts Receivable Account on the Trial Balance did not match the total of the Accounts Receivable in the Client Aged Report.
I found that the difference was that as of August 12, 2013, any new client that was created and subsequently an invoice produced for that client, was no longer linking the sale to the Client Aged Report, but was still linking it (as it should) to the Accounts Receivable Account and Report.

All invoices produced from 'older' clients continue to record properly, but any new client produced, does not.

Can you help me fix this

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


what that sounds like is that you changed the way you created clients from balance forward to by invoice. When its balance forward it keeps a running total of the clients account so it can be aged. When it goes by invoice it tracks each payment only to the particular invoice so that it doesn't have keep a balance for the client to age.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I need to know what I need to do or change in settings etc., in Simply Accounting that will track the Current and Aged invoices until they are paid.

Sorry I haven't got a copy of it in front of me. That's my thought of what the problem is. Either that or you have it re running an old report that had the particular customers selected and you need to customize the report to make sure it is picking up all customers. But again I haven't got the software in front of me so I cant give you exact step by step instructions how to do that.


I will opt out here and somebody else may be able to help you in more detail

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert

It is our lucky day!

You gave me a clue to help resolove this problem.


I requested the report from Simply and it pops up with a list of clients wanted in the report and looked like they were all selected, as likely the last time I used the report I clicked 'Select All" but then when we added new clients they were not automatically selected.

Now I know to click "Select All" when I want this report.


Thank you.




That's great. I was hoping that a hint in the right direction might be enough for you to find it. That's why I answered even though I did not have the complete exact instructions.


I hope that you found my help to be worthwhile enough to give me a good rating. That is what affects my status on the site and allows me to be paid.


Thank you and have a great day :D

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