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I started as a bookkeeper for a non-for-profit education corporation.

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I started as a bookkeeper for a non-for-profit education corporation. It´s been challenging for me to start doing this activity, but I think I started to get a hold of all simple things related to Quickbooks 2012 for Mac.

The organization has members in it, and members pay a membership fee every month. I do invoices per month per member, which is the easy part. The difficult part is that some members have started to do direct deposit into a bank account. What I want to do is to somehow credit for their direct deposit, and then use the credit in Receiving Payments, but the system is not letting me to do that. On the top of that, the deposit is not just for the member; sometimes they pay for themselves, and for their spouses, who are also members.

I basically followed help here: I was able to edit the deposit as a Split, and allocating half of the deposit towards a member, and the other half towards the spouse member. The account type is Membership Fees. When I go to Receive Payments, I don´t see a credit for the customer or their spouse, so I can´t apply the deposit that was directly made to the bank. The invoices contain items related to Membership Fees only. The support page states that ´Click Discounts and Credits, and place a check mark beside the credit amount you wish to apply.´ I don´t see any option related to Discounts and Credits. I was hoping to see the credit as ´Existing Credits´, but Existing Credits is zero.

Can you please help me with this?

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


You would want to create a credit memo for the individual and then apply the direct deposit to the credit memo the same way that you would apply a check to it.


then when you create invoices for their various charges you apply parts of the credit memo to each invoice.


this page shows how to create the credit memo


this page shows how to apply the credit memo to an invoice

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi. Your answer is not what I expected. I found out the correct way is to use a accounts receivable account type in the direct deposit transaction, and then use a wash account to transfer credit to the spouse. The credit memo doesn't sound quite right to me. Thanks!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I already replied. Thanks.

there are several ways to do anything. You are the one that asked about credits and how to apply them.


As long as you have found a way to do it and you are happy than I am happy. The way you are using is more of an accountants way to do it creating new accounts. The way I would do it just applies the credits to the invoices without additional accounts. Both ways work. I prefer to use fewer accounts and be able to see the exact transaction easily. But a cpa would probably find it easier to understand the other way.


In any case if you are happy than I am happy.

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thank you



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