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I am using Sage 50 Pro 2013. The wrong paycheque numbers were

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I am using Sage 50 Pro 2013. The wrong paycheque numbers were posted in a cheque run and I need to change the cheque numbers to the actual numbers they are. I go to paycheques, adjust and then it opens the original paycheque. When I type in the field for cheque number all info on the paycheque goes missing and the amount is a negative value.

I want to keep all the info on the original paycheque, just change the cheque number. Why is it not keeping the original amounts when I try to change the cheque number?

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


did you write the checks with the software or are you just recording checks created elsewhere ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes I wrote the cheques with the software, verified the correct numbers were on sage and corresponded to those on the printer but when I posted them the software applied different numbers on the cheques. Therefore the bank stmt has the right cheque numbers on the cheques and the software has the wrong numbers.

I need to change just the software numbers on the paycheques.

Sage lets you adjust paycheques and should let me just alter the cheque number but instead it is removing all the cheque amounts when I try to change the cheque number.
I think you need to be very familiar with Sage Pro 2013 to help with this issue as it is software related.


I think you have to void them and do them again. Once they are printed and you don't say that they were printed correctly the system assumes they are printed that way and wont want to change them. Did it give them higher numbers than you wanted it to ? That's pretty typical if the system thought you used a higher number last time it will go to the next number rather than re printing what it now thinks are check numbers that were already used.
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