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Robert M.
Robert M., Consultant
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Forgot my password XXXXX it or a new one John

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Forgot my password XXXXX it or a new one John

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


I assume that this is for quicken. If it is not please let me know or if you cant follow the instructions below please let me know. Quicken uses many passwords and you have not specified which. The instructions below show every type of password XXXXX quicken can use and how to rectify a lost one of any type


there is a password XXXXX the intuit website which is needed for registering purchasing and downloading the actual quicken program.

to find that out or have it reset

go to click the login button on top. the id will be your email address. You can click the lost password XXXXX to get your password XXXXX once in you can change it under account management


there is a password XXXXX start the quicken program itself. This option is normally defaulted to none. It can be set or changed from within the quicken program by going to

edit / preferences / quicken / startup tab. under start up options

If you do not know that password XXXXX need to reinstall the quicken software.


There can be a password XXXXX open a particular quicken data file. or to modify it ( seperate passwords ) Those can be set from the file menu within quicken. (if you do not know those passwords you need to use the password XXXXX tool which requires you to know the intuit website password XXXXX above )

You can get that tool on this page


There are also id's and passwords required to download transactions from your bank. These passwords are set by the bank and you need to log into the banks website to change or recover them. Quicken can store them for you and if they need to be changed in quicken to match a new bank password XXXXX do that from within quicken under tools / password XXXXX



In general with passwords it is recomended to have a "secure" password XXXXX these days is defined as at least 8 characters at least 1 Cap at least one non cap letter and at least 1 symbol or number

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