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5) I pay most of my bills electronically thru Chase, reconciling

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5) I pay most of my bills electronically thru Chase, reconciling them later in Quicken 2013. To monitor cashflow, I use an Excel spreadsheet to enter my planned, actual, and completed payments in. I do this to control cashflow because I don't trust I can use Q (Quicken) to do this.

My question is, how can I set up a similar controlled operation in Q that will:
allow me to plan & make future payments - and inter-account transfers - in Quicken which will be affected thru Chase
allow me to create an overall report that shows what payments I have planned when
allow me to change them in Q and have these be reflected in Chase

Bottomline, how can I make Q my frontend for making, controlling, monitoring, and tracking payments thru Chase?

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


What version of quicken are you using ?


Most of them will do that automatically through the budgeting section


Do you want to use their online bill pay function to make the scheduled payments or do you just want it to remind you of them ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert -


This is a more involved question than the others.


I use Quicken 2013, and I want to be reminded of items to initiate the payment of them myself, included scheduling some for Chase to pay automatically in the future, on an individual basis - that is, I need to schedule or initiate each payment each time it needs to be paid - not automatically have, say, company X paid automatically on the 15th of the month.


I'd love to use Q's budget feature if it worked the way I'd like it to. I don't see where the canned Budget report distinguishes between payments scheduled to be paid, and payments budgeted, and I'm not sure how it indicates payments actually made or sent if it's a manual check that has to be sent and not processed for several days.


Thanks in advance for your assistance,


I am running out for a bit so please don't give me a bad rating for an incomplete answer I will work with you when I get back maybe a couple of hours or tomorrow


But if you want to look at it yourself where you want to look at for that is not budget. It would be under reminders


under bills menu go to manage bills and income reminders

than click add new


you can then add a reminder. But I think the only way to decide when to remind you is by date. That is you can say pay xyz company every 15th of the month without putting in an actual amount that has to be paid. You can put in an estimate or zero even. Then it will show up on the register as a reminder and when you pay it you replace that reminder with the actual payment for the actual amount.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert -


Thanks for your reply and letting me know about your timing - I have to run out shortly myself so I probably won't be able to digest you reply until later tonight / tomorrow. But together we'll get to the bottom of this.




that sounds great tomorrow would be fine or I will be around for a bit tonight but not exactly sure what time
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Richard -


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - several priority items came across my desk which absorbed all my time.


I looked at the options you mentioned in Quicken and did not find what I want, which is , a report to monitor cash flow that roughly looks like this:


-Cash balance as of a certain date (perhaps, last reconcilement)

-Each item that was paid up to another date date (perhaps, today's date)

-Cash balance as of the date above

-Each item scheduled to be paid in the future up to a certain inputted date (say, one week from the above date)

-cash balance as of that date.


Does anything in Quicken - or combination of things - do this?




You would have to create a budget. After that the budgeting reports should come pretty close.


actually if you put the reminders in a simple transaction report or even the register can do all that for you if you change the dates above the register to the dates that you want to see rather than "all transactions"

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert -


Thank you for sticking with this and responding. I'll play around with what you said and see how that works for me. I'll get back to you in a day or so.


Again, many thanks,



PS: why doesn't JustAnswer sort these questions and answers in last in,first up order?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert -


Thank you very much for your help. I have not yet had a chance to experiment with your suggestions, but if I need more help after I do, I'll raise another question. Per your suggestion, I send that request on Support.



Ted Frese

Thank you. I hope that you will give me a top rating if you are happy with my service as that is what affects my standing on the site and allows me to be paid.


I will continue to help you on this same question if you have the same issue even after you rate me


Thank you

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