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For the 2011 tax season,I used turbotax to complete

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For the 2011 tax season,I used turbotax to complete my taxes. This was for XXXXXXXX. I printed off a copy of all forms & show that an amount of $1,859.00 should have been withdrawn. The routing transit number was XXXXXXXXX with the date of that withdrawal being 4-17-2012. The problem - we have been contacted by the IRS wondering where our payment for that year is. With penalities, they now say we owe $2,507.25 & we have until September 1 to pay up. I can mail a set of copies - we thought we were paid up & have a routing transit number which lead us to believe that was the case. [email protected]

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your computer question.


How did you file the taxes ? what date were they filed ? was the money actually withdrawn.


Are you absolutely sure that the letter was about 2011 taxes and not 2012 ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The taxes were filed online. The date shown was 4-17-2012 so it would have been filed the week before. When we rechecked - we don't believe that the money was actually withdrawn. It was from my wife's account & she forgot to check after that tax season.

The letter was about the 2011 tax season - I double checked.

Larry Zimmerman

Well you are going to have to pay the taxes in any case. So its the penalties that you can dispute. I don't know if you hit a wrong button or put in a wrong routing number or your bank refused the transfer or turbo tax screwed up or the IRS screwed up. At the end of the day the IRS has total power over this and almost no oversight. Your best bet might be to call them and explain that you filed them and gave the routing number and either they didn't take it or turbo tax screwed up but THEY waited more than a year to tell you about it or it would have been cleared up a year ago. Explain that you are happy to pay the taxes immediately but you don't think you should have to pay the penalties and interest.


This is their main line and they might just say ok(NNN) NNN-NNNN/p>

this is their electronic payment line which might have a better idea what happened



You can also contact turbo tax during normal business hours on this page


or you can call them at this number




They might also be able to shed some light on why the money was not deducted from your account on time.


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