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Robert M.
Robert M., Consultant
Category: Financial Software
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Experience:  30 yrs. of computer experience in financial and marketing departments.
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Hi,I would like to know what your recommendation would

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I would like to know what your recommendation would be for accounting software for my company. We are a 2 member LLC who sells a lot on ebay. The problem we are running into is that not many financial tracking programs will download paypal transactions directly. Since 100% of our income comes through paypal we would like to be able to automate our accounting for the most part by getting a program that pulls in all our paypal transactions (income and expense) automatically.

We have looked into the company XERO, Monchilla, outright, peachtree and of course quickbooks.

What would be your recommendation?

Keep in mind...I don't have a ton of experience with accounting.

Quicken will download from paypal I assume that quickbooks will as well. there is a home and business version of quicken that might work for you if the quicken standard is not good enough or you don't want to work with the quickbooks
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

You dont know if quickbooks will download paypal transactions or not? I don't want to buy a $200 piece of software on an assumption.


Is quickbooks your recommendation? If so, why?





You CAN download directly from paypal into quickbooks


I don't know your exact business so I cant run through some sort of industry specific software for you. But quickbooks is cheap ( other dedicated business software typically costs thousands ) it is used by many people in many different small business's. its fairly easy to use. You can find local help in setting it up from dozens of quickbook certified experts in almost any area.


Basically it is a good no frills system for doing basic accounting for small non technical people with no IT department that just want to keep track of their sales and their payables and sales and customers. Its main strength is simplicity and what you put as your most important criteria. It easily downloads banking transactions. Including paypal

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