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Need to know how to enter expenses in QuickBooks 2011 for Mac.

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Need to know how to enter expenses in QuickBooks 2011 for Mac. We have expenses that are invoiced to the customer and then marked up. Example any equipment rental or materials purchased for the job. When I enter the receipt - let's say Lowe's, I enter that as Construction Materials. When I go to invoice the customer I want to invoice for this Lowe's receipt plus mark up, but nothing comes up under the Time/Costs
Hello Sir, Thank you very much for giving an opportunity to hekp you. Please check this video tutorial to see how to enter Bills, Items and Expenses.

Let me know weather it is helpful or not.


Are you using Jobs to identify your customers? Are you selecting the job, class and making sure the Billable box is selected when you are making your payments to Lowes & other vendors?

You will need to make sure your Customers & Jobs are setup correctly. If you also want to, you may additional use the Class Feature, but it has limited reporting. When you enter expenses, you need to select the appropriate Job & make sure the Billable box is selected. Now this should all feed to your invoices.

Feel free to ask additional questions until you are totally satisfied with customer service.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My husband is a general contractor for a company. I set the company up as the customer and technically the customer is the job as well. He does several projects for them and when he submits an invoice, he has to have the p.o. number they assigned for the project. He bills them his time at a set rate, but then if he purchases materials or equipment, he is supposed to get reimbursed for the cost of the materials or equipment and then add a 10% markup. When I enter the expense - either on his credit card or checking account, I put in that it is a Construction Materials expense or Equipment Rental expense and then yes I will put in the customer. There is a tablet looking icon (I assume this is the billable box) but it will not allow me to select it.

Now when I originally set up - the account is ConAgra. So, instead of setting up each project as a customer, I should have set up the main customer as ConAgra and then each project as a job? Can I go back and change this? Do you think this will then allow me to select the billable?

Yes, you should set up ConAgra as the Customer and each project as a job.

Here are some helpful notes from QB :

For job-related purchases: (items purchased for a job, subcontracted services) Use a bill, check, or credit card charge to record the purchase. On the Items tab, enter each item or service you purchased. In the Customer:Job column, be sure to assign each item or service to the customer or job (if you're tracking by job).

Yes, you should be clicking the box to make it billable.

Thank you for using JustAnswer. I hope that I have provided you with total satisfaction in answering your questions. Thanks in advance for taking the time to rate my service positively so that I may continue providing assistance via JustAnswer.
To create an invoice... QuickBooks should now know you have assigned billable costs to the job when you entered that bill, so now it asks you if you want to include this cost in the invoice. Click OK. Then click Time and Costs. Now, you’ll see on the Expenses pane the expenses entered on the bill. Click Select All to add those to the invoice. You can add a markup to this if you want to, & select the Markup Income account. But you don’t have to add a markup if you choose not to.

Now click OK and you’ll see on the invoice that those expenses are now a part of the invoice. So that’s how you track expenses you want to be reimbursed for.





One more possibility to look at. Is your Category Construction Materials setup under your Chart of Accounts as a Cost of Goods Sold account? You need to set up an Expense Account for these items as if this is a COGS account, this may be why the Billable box is not allowing you to select it.

I hope my troubleshooting has helped you and please follow-up with me if you need any additional assistance.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, the Construction Materials is a Cost of Goods Sold account. When I set up the item to invoice - I set up an item called Materials and selected that it was a reimbursable charge. On that screen, I selected Construction Materials as the expense account and an income account I called Reimbursed expenses to keep track of them. I also set up a Marked up Income account to keep track of the mark up income if I ever get it working :)

ok, you will need to use and expense account, not a COGS account to feed expenses to your invoices. You cannot uses a COGS setup to feed to an expense to be invoiced.

A COGS account is only for items you are purchasing and reselling, not for reimbursable expense & QB will not allow it to flow through as you are wanting.

If you follow my steps above, bill entry throughout to invoicing and then when your customer pays, use the Receive Payments feature, your bookkeeping will flow properly.

Thanks for using JustAnswer & have a great day!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much!


Do you know if there is a way to print the blank weekly timesheets?


Also, we have an employee who started out as a vendor because he was a subcontractor for the business. He decided to come on board as a full time employee. I want to track his time, but can't because of the vendor status. If I make him inactive as a vendor, can I still produce a 1099 for him at year end?

I do not believe you can print a blank timesheet from QuickBooks, though you can make a simple one in Excel.

Yes, you can make him inactive as a Vendor & hire him as an Employee & 1099s will still flow properly from the Vendor side.
QuickBooks ProAdvisor MBA PHR, Management Consultant, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, MBA, PHR
Satisfied Customers: 82
Experience: QuickBooks Pro, POS Point of Sale, Online & Enterprise Solutions
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