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We are a print company. We sell and print in house. i am trying

Customer Question

We are a print company. We sell and print in house. i am trying to set up our quickbooks. we buy large sheets of paper, cut, foil, emboss and ship them out.

How would i build the assemblies off this?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Robert M. replied 3 years ago.

You need the premiere or enterprise version of quickbooks to make an assembly or bill of materials


Have you got one of those versions ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I do, have the premier manufacturing and wholesale, 2013

Expert:  Robert M. replied 3 years ago.
Below are the instructions from quickbooks an inventory assembly item

This feature is available only in the QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions editions. Learn how to upgrade your version of QuickBooks.

After you create (define) an inventory assembly item, the way you add assembly items to inventory is by "building" them. When you perform an assembly build, the assembly's components are deducted from inventory and the quantity of assembly items is increased accordingly.

How do I schedule a future build?

Generally, the act of building an inventory assembly item in QuickBooks should coincide with the act of physically building the item and placing it in inventory. You can, however, schedule a future build by marking the build as pending after filling out the Build Assemblies form. To mark the build as pending, go to the Edit menu and choose Mark Build As Pending. Then, after completing the physical build at a later date, mark the inventory assembly build in QuickBooks as final.

  1. Go to the Vendors menu, choose Inventory Activities, and then click Build Assemblies.

  2. Click the Assembly Item drop-down list and choose the assembly item you want to build.

    Information about the assembly appears at the top of Build Assemblies window.

    Depending on your current inventory preferences settings, you may or may not see the Quantity on Sales Order, Quantity Reserved for Other Assemblies, and Quantity Available information.

    Quantity on Hand: The number of this inventory assembly item currently in inventory.

    Quantity on Sales Order: The number of this assembly item currently listed on open sales orders.

    Quantity Reserved for Other Assemblies: The number of this assembly item currently listed on pending builds.

    Quantity Available: The number of this assembly item currently available to sell. The quantity available is calculated by subtracting the quantities of this assembly item currently reserved for other transactions from the quantity on hand. Depending on your preferences settings, QuickBooks subtracts either the quantity reserved on open sales orders, the quantity reserved on pending builds, or both of these quantities.

    Build Point: The quantity specified in the inventory assembly item definition as the point when QuickBooks will notify you that you need to build more of this item.

    The table in the middle of the Build Assemblies window shows the components (Bill of Materials) needed to build this assembly item. For each component, the quantity on hand and the quantity needed for the current build quantity are also shown. Directly below the table is the maximum quantity of this assembly item that you can build, given the current quantities of the components on hand.

  3. Enter a quantity in the Quantity to Build field and press Tab to update the Qty Needed column in the Components Needed to Build table.

    If you enter a quantity greater than the quantity indicated by "Maximum number you can build from the quantity on hand," you will be prompted to mark the build as pending. If you click Make Pending, you'll need to wait until there is enough inventory on hand and then mark the build as final.

  4. Today's date is preselected in the Date field. You can change the date if you need to.

    What you should know before changing the build date

    The ability to complete a build is directly dependent on the quantities of component items available in inventory on the date of the build. Changing the build date could have any of the following effects:

    • Any or all quantity information displayed in the Build Assemblies window could change.

    • Your ability to complete the build could change.

    • The status of other completed builds could change to pending.

  5. QuickBooks enters a build reference number for you. You can change the number if you want to, but be aware that QuickBooks does not check for duplicate reference numbers.

  6. (Optional) Enter a memo about this build.

    The memo appears in the Pending Builds report, in the inventory item QuickReport, and in any report containing an inventory assembly build transaction (such as the Inventory Valuation Detail report) and that you add the memo field to.

  7. Do one of the following:

    • Click Build & Close to finalize this build.

    • Click Build & New to finalize this build and start a new one.

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