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Robert M.
Robert M., Consultant
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Hello I dropped my computer and a company file was open on

Customer Question

I dropped my computer and a company file was open on Quickbooks at the time. Now all the other company files, about 12 will open but the one that was open won't. It takes me through 3 screens and them gives me the message to call with error code(-6000,-82)

Please tell me how to fix this

Pamela Customer no710085
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Robert M. replied 4 years ago.

That error usually means that it cant open your company data file. If you are on a network the most likely cause is a network problem where it cant find the computer or server that holds the file.


The other possibility is that the file is corrupted


Copy the file from where it is to my documents on your c: drive

then right click on the new file in my documents and select rename

change the name to something simple while leaving the .qbw extension

then right click on it and select properties

make sure that it is NOT set as read only or system or hidden


then open the quickbooks in safe mode by

holding down the ctrl key while double clicking on the quickbooks icon to open it

that should open the quickbooks in safe mode with no company file

go to

file / open company

and browse to my documents and select the file.

If the quickbooks opens but the new company file still wont open

You can try doing a verify and rebuild on it


or using the company file diagnostic tool


If those do not work you need to restore a backup


If the quickbooks will not open even in safe mode you need to reinstall the quickbooks software



try doing a clean install with the instructions on this page. It should not effect your data but i always recomend making sure that you have a good back up and / or a copy of your data file ( it ends .qbw ) in a safe place such as a flash drive or another folder.


It requires that you have a copy of the quickbooks install cd or download. If you downloaded from intuit you can get another copy free.

If you purchased from Intuit directly you can download again for 3 years.


For quickbooks go to

click on cart orders downloads

sign in with your intuit id and password. ( usually your email address is the id )


click on downloads and unlocks

That should give you a list of any intuit product that you purchased online within the last 3 years with a download button.




This page has complete instructions for the uninstall and reinstall INCLUDING a clean install utility that you want to download and run.





Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thankyou Rob

i will try that i am not very savvy with technical stuff so it might take me a while can i get back to you and let you know the outcome Pamela

Expert:  Robert M. replied 4 years ago.

ok let me know and if you get stuck on anything let me know exactly where and I will help you through it


the first part may very well work for you as its quite possible that the file is just locked open and copying it will give you a new copy that will not be locked.


But I am definitely here for you to get you through any part that gives you a problem ( though it may not be till tomorrow as I am off for the night soon)

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