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I have attempted to file my Mothers 2012 Federal Taxes through

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I have attempted to file my Mother's 2012 Federal Taxes through Turbo Tax. Each time I have completed them and e-Filed, they have been rejected and I have received the following message:

Status: Rejected
Rejected on:
June 30, 2013 01:16 PM PDT
What this means:
The IRS has found the following problem with your return:
Primary SSN in the Return must not be equal to the Spouse SSN on another tax return for which filing status is Married Filing Jointly or [filing status is Head of Household and the Spouse exemption is claimed].

Background: My Mother died in December 2012. My Father died in January 2011. I had POA before they deceased and am executor of the estate. I did not file a return for my Father in 2013 for 2012 tax year, for obvious reasons. In the message I got back from the IRS, it states, "Primary SSN in the Return must not be equal to the Spouse SSN on another tax return . . ." Since I did not file a return for my Father in 2013, there was not another return that was, "equal to the Spouse SSN."

Why does my Mother's return keep getting rejected and how can I remedy the situation?




Sorry to hear of your loss and your trouble in using electronic filing.


Your mother's filing status is single since your father was not alive in 2012.


Unfortunately when the e-file error message is that the SSN was on another return there is nothing that you can do in the return you want to electronically file that will get past that error message.

Presuming that there is not any error in the number being used for her you can not e-file when the IRS system indicates that number has been used, sorry.


You did not file another return but the IRS system is detecting her number as having been used already so it simply will not allow a second return with the same number to be filed.


Your only recourse is to print out, sign and file the return via the postal service. When more than one return is filed with the same SSN the IRS has to investigate prior to processing so this situation (even if it was simply a mistake by someone else typing in the wrong number) will often result in a delay in processing the return.


Please ask if you need clarification.

Thank you.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How do I sign the tax return since my Mother is deceased? I am the executor of the estate, should I include the death certificate and Letters Testamentary with the return?


Thank you for the opportunity to assist with this additional question.

The software should add the word "Deceased" after the decedent's name in the name and address section and the date of death across the top of the final individual income tax return.

If the return has a refund claim, it may be necessary to file Form 1310, Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer, with the return. Again, the software can prepare this but if it idd not you go back through the step-by-step, and the screen for 1310 information is after the "Other Tax Situations" screen. Or a copy of the form can be found at

A court appointed or certified personal representative filing an original return does not have to file Form 1310. Court appointed or certified personal representatives just attach to the return a copy of the court certificate showing the appointment.

Neither the death certificate or Letters Testamentary are sent with the return.

The format is generally to sign the person's name and write that it is by your name and title, such as "Deceasedfirst Deceasedlast by Myfirst Mylast, personal representative"

Please ask if you need clarification.
Thank you.