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My quickbooks cannot get updates

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My quickbooks cannot get updates

what is the exact version of quickbooks ?


Usually they work and they have been up there for a while. So either you have a problem with your computer operating system or I think that it is more likely that you downloaded the wrong thing like possibly a mac version


this page has the updates as well as the complete program you can try both of them if you download and re install the complete program you will have to know your license number to register it again. If you don't know that I can get you a link to find it out


If that link does not work please let me know exactly what version you are downloading and I can try it on my xp machine and see if there is a problem with the download itself

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob,

I had 2012 version of Pro with Payroll updates at 1/1/13 - 6/30/13, then I updated a download from QB to 2013 version successfully but when I checked the Payroll it was set at 7/1/12? so I tried to update through QB, but it keeps giving me error 15223, or server not responding.

Then I downloaded the updates that QB recommended but when I tried to open them, the not a Win32 app message.

I clicked on your link for webpatch, downloaded and was able to update the program. It said it was successful in updating 2013!

But now Quickbooks won't open. I've restarted the computer twice. I've clicked on it many times, it gets the ........ like it's opening and then stops after about 10 seconds. I have re-installed the updates and still it will not open .

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I've been trying to open QB still, and just received a message that it cannot open because it is already running, and that it cannot run another addition of the same year at the same time. It said when I closed out that message that the other one would come to the forefront. But it didn't. I can't see where it is running ....

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I've fixed the problem, QB is now opening.

I just selected all of the applications to run, as I'd turned some off that were not needed but probably turned a few off that I needed to open QB.


Thats great and thank you for the rating. If you are happy i am certainly happy. If you have any further problems post back in here or if you want to get to me directly with a new question at any time you can use this link

Or just put FOR ROBERT in the front of any question.

thanks again and have a great day :)