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I have an old quicken program v6 . I have had to use it to

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I have an old quicken program v6 . I have had to use it to get me out of trouble to finish my tax. My computer died . I need to register my old quicken program on Another computer.
I have been through all the books & can't find the registration number. Can you please help.My serial number is XXXXX
Thank you Bernice

RobMark :

is that like an ms dos version 6 ? like 10 years old or more ?

is that like an ms dos version 6 ? like 10 years old or more ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Maybe 6
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
So how do I get a registration number to complete my work
try installing it and then going to help / unlock again.

also help / about will tell me exactly what version it is.

But its going to be difficult because thats a very old program and quicken no longer supports it and they may not have any way to register it anymore.

You may have to buy the new version and try to move your data

this page has intermediate versions that you can download for just that purpose and the version 6 under windows may work long enough to get you through what you want to do with your old data and it may not need a registration key
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Tried to reinstall but it wants a registration number. Also found v7 but it too wants registration

I think you may have to talk to quicken directly


go to this link

put in quicken for windows

then put in 2012 if you put in an older version it will just tell you its not supported

then customer service

then unlocking features


then hit the live chat button that shows up on the bottom


Robert M. and other Financial Software Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Many thanks for your continued support.
I have ripped the place apart & found the registered number.
It works again & my 9 months of work is saved I will frame the number.
Thanks for not giving up on me.

You are very welcome. I am glad it has worked out for you.


If you are happy with the results and believe that I helped you in a professional manner I would greatly appreciate if you gave me a good or excellent rating as that is what allows me to be paid.


thank you

I was just following up on our work. Thank you very much for the rating. If you have further issues with this same problem you can post in the original problem and i will give you more help for free. If you would like to go to this page and add it to your favorites you can then use it to send me a question directly

If you are interested in upgrading your quicken to a new version I can help you with that as well as get you a link for a discount on the upgrade price

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