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Where do I get information (manual ) on Quicken Rental Property

Customer Question

Where do I get information (manual?) on Quicken Rental Property Manager? The terms "real estate" and "rental property management" do not appear in any of the Quicken manals I've been above to find. I'm having trouble with forms that come up under the "rental center" -- no obvious way to edit a wrong entry, no overview of where the process for rental proerty management is going, etc.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Robert M. replied 6 years ago.

Go to help / user manuals in quicken


It should send you to a site that will at least have a link to download the manual in pdf format

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I found the help button but no reference to a user manual. My problem is the focus of information provided by the program is on fairly high level goals/objectives, rather that on the nuts and bolts of how to do what should/must be fairly simple things like editing an entry to correct it, setting the time period (e.g. year for which data are being entered -- I need to do calendar 2010 and 2011).

Expert:  Robert M. replied 6 years ago.

There should be a help MENU not the button


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I thing I need to work with the help screens for a while. I'll sign off and come back to you latter with any follow up questions.
Expert:  Robert M. replied 6 years ago.

I have been through this one before. The truth is that there really is no good manual for it. There was a consulting company at one time that was going to write a book for that particular version but i dont think they ever did.


what works best is to go through there suggested steps in setting it up when you first install it. It usually prompts you to create a bank account and on from there with simple suggestions for setting it all up. Once it is working you can get a better feel for what has to be done and if anything needs to be changed for your particular situation